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Asianet news continues to top the charts

MediaInfoline August 11, 2017

Asianet News, the leading news channel in Kerala, continues to be the best in the state, securing the first position in popularity ratings with a total viewership of 43%. This path-breaking record attained by Asianet news is with regard to the ratings data released by BAARC in the 31st week of 2017.

With 233 GRP points, the channel has topped the charts consecutively for the past 31 weeks of the year. Even a cumulative sum of the GRP points of Manorama News  and Mathrubhumi News could not overcome the points gained by Asianet News. Manorama News acquired 22% of the total viewership while that of Mathrubhumi News was 20%, which is nowhere in competition with Asianet News’s viewership rate of 43%. This validates the reign of Asianet news as the market leader in the state.

The channel’s forerunner programme, News Hour, telecast on all days of the week, broke all the records throughout the week by capturing 51% of the viewership by any news channel. This is the same in the case of the prime time bulletins with 9@9, airing the major nine news of the day, obtaining 47% and the news bulletin at 10pm bagging 52% of the total viewership. The channel has always given equal importance to its current affairs programmes, making it favourite among the viewers. The four new programmes namely Maravil Thirivil, Malabar Manual, Vazhivilakku and Padhathi Swapnangal telecast on Monday to Thursday respectively, show the channel’s multifaceted outlook. The programmes Malabar Manual and Maravil Thirivil are making waves from the initial weeks of telecast.

Asianet news continued to top the charts in all the segments, including the Male AB 22+ category, focusing the Urban+Rural market in Kerala even on the 31st week. The channel had earlier scaled heights by becoming the first news channel to beat the general entertainment channels (GEC) in popularity ratings by securing 309 GRP points on the 28th week of the year.

The feat attained by Asianet news makes it clear the full viewership loyalty of Keralites towards the channel. Asianet News remains the undisputable leader in the Malayalam television market ever since its inception, always marking a high standard of journalism.


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