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The Associated Journals Limited Announces the Launch of Website of Qaumi Awaz in Urdu

MediaInfoline August 11, 2017

The Associated Journals Limited (AJL), a company founded in 1937 by Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru, announced the launch of the Urdu news website of Qaumi Awaz. Qaumi Awaz, one of the pioneers of pre-Independence daily Urdu journalism and the preeminent Urdu newspaper of its time, temporarily suspended publication in 2008. Its absence was always felt by Urdu readers across the country and hopes to fulfill the vacuum that this left behind.

The Qaumi Awaz digital version shall go live on August 12, 2017. The website url is:

The Company had appointed veteran journalist Shri Zafar Agha as Editor-in-Chief of its Urdu newspaper Qaumi Awaz and digital properties in May 2017. He is responsible for building and leading the team of Qaumi Awaz and its digital and related assets.

On the launch of Shri MotilalVora, Chairman, AJL said, “I am confident that under the able leadership of Shri Zafar Agha, Qaumi Awaz will soon regain the old glory that it had under the guidance of Panditji and with great editors like Hayatullah Ansari and Ishrat Ali Siddiqui. It will give voice to the voiceless and be fierce in exercising its freedom of expression. I am glad to inform you that its print publication, is also in the process of being revived.”

On the launch of the digital presence of Qaumi Awaz, Zafar Agha, Editor-in-Chief, Qaumi Awaz, said, “In its new avatar, Qaumi Awaz will be the voice of reason for India’s democracy, freedom and progress currently challenged by the forces of irrationality and backwardness. It shall seek to give voice to the vision of Pandit Nehru and continue to occupy a liberal, progressive, secular space, and will remain committed to furthering the values it has always cherished and the best values of the Freedom Movement – that of building a modern, democratic, just, equitable, liberal and socially harmonious nation, free of sectarian strife.


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