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BioBloom launches new Age Defying Serum

MediaInfoline December 15, 2015

BioBloom, a market leader in natural skin and hair care products, is pleased to introduce a revolutionary new addition to its skincare range:

BioBloom Age Defying Serum enriched with Vitamin C and Whey Protein Extracts

The next-gen anti-aging product has been created with the choicest ingredients proven to enhance skin health and texture, remove fine lines, and tighten the skin. With anti-aging science at the core of its development, the serum will intrigue connoisseurs of high quality nature-based skincare who seek a bespoke anti-aging product crafted with precision.

The goodness of whey protein derived from milk peptide lends the skin a lasting youthful glow while the skin-protective qualities of Vitamin C & Liquorice extract target the signs of aging to reveal younger, radiant skin.

As with all BioBloom products, the serum is free of parabens and petrochemicals frequently found in conventional skincare products.

The serum enhances skin quality in six key ways:

  1. Visibly radiant skin
  2. Even and brighter skin tone
  3. Reduces fine lines
  4. Hydrates skin
  5. Tightens skin
  6. Improves skin structure

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