Bitbns on-boards Alok Nath, Sreesanth, Archana Puran Singh for #DoYourBit

Bitbns collaborated with Biswapati Sarkar for #DoYourBit campaign

Bitbns, India’s leading cryptocurrency exchange, this World Cup Season, has collaborated with Indian writer, director and actor, Biswapati Sarkar to launch the #DoYourBit campaign. Hosting a series of five quirky and fun-filled videos, the campaign does its bit to clutch the attention of mass audiences whilst encouraging them to choose crypto as a mainstream investment option.

The #DoYourBit campaign features Biswapati Sarkar as the protagonist engaging in an amusing banter with celebrities like Alok Nath, Anup Jalota, Shivaji Satam, Archana Puran Singh and Sreesanth to showcase the benefits of investing in cryptocurrency while highlighting the industry-best product offerings of Bitbns. With the five celebrities being associated with diverse fields of entertainment such as comedy, music, drama and cricket, the brand aims to latch on to people across all genres. Besides it also aims to bank big on the mass appeal of these celebrities among Indian audiences.

This campaign would run through the entire World Cup Season and would be aired across television and digital platforms such as Hotstar. The ads will also be amplified through leading print media platforms throughout the country. The #DoYourBit campaign is currently live on YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and Twitter handles.

Addressing Alok Nath as Babuji, piquing Sreesanth for his anger management issues or prompting Archana Puran Singh to indulge in her infamous giggle, the series of hilarious ads aim to quickly connect with the audiences while riding on the quirky attributes of the celebrities. Even while building a memorable appeal and recall among audiences, the campaign aims to enhance awareness about cryptocurrency while also showcasing the ease and simplicity of investing in crypto through Bitbns.

Commenting on the development, Mr. Gaurav Dahake, Cofounder and CEO, Bitbns, said, “We are delighted to collaborate with Biswapati Sarkar and celebrities like Alok Nath, Anup Jalota, Shivaji Satam, Archana Puran Singh and Sreesanth. All of them are unique in their own way and yet have very strong appeal among mass audiences. As a brand, it has been our constant endeavour to build cryptocurrency into a popular asset class for the masses which is why we are the only platform in the country to offer the widest range of products that cater to audiences across all genres and ages inclusive of impulse traders and mature investors. The campaign thus ties back beautifully to our brand and what it stands for whilst showcasing how to avail simple and hassle-free investing through Bitbns. Considering Cricket has always been more than just a sport in India, launching it in parallel with the World Cup Season further reiterates our resolve for mass appeal.

Through product offerings such as SIP, we want to introduce cryptocurrency as a must-have asset class while encouraging Indians to indulge in crypto investing regularly. Home to the highest number of crypto owners in the world, Indians have established their love for crypto and at Bitbns we want to fulfil the aspirations of investors through smart products.”

Sharing his views on the developmentMr. Ramamoorthi N Iyer, President, Ogilvy South, “It’s great to work with Gaurav and the Bitbns team in what’s arguably an industry for the future. All of us in the team are crypto enthusiasts and are very conscious of the value of social currency in building a brand in this category. So, when we were tasked with explaining the superior benefits of trading with Bitbns and the many unique things you can do with it, we not only created the brand’s “do your bit” offer but also found the coolest and most “shareable” way of expressing it.”

Commenting on the development, Mr. Kiran Antony, CCO, Ogilvy South, Everyone has heard about Bitcoins, but sceptical about investing in it. Through this campaign, we have tried to clear the doubts in people’s mind about crypto investing which is like any other investment form. A talk show kind of execution format gave us a unique visual grammar and also helped in explicitly spelling out each feature. Campaign pivots around Biswa, who with his witty one-liners explains product features while making fun of his guests.”

Bitbns is known for its unique offerings and bringing exclusive benefits to its customers, as it constantly endeavours to improve the overall user experience. With this #DoYourBit campaign, the brand aims to catch the pulse of the young and old audience alike while highlighting the key features of the brand. Biswapati’s pun intended punch lines targeted at the viral attributes of the guest celebrities serve to be an entertaining experience for viewers. The campaign will simultaneously run on Television, social media and print platforms.

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