Bloomberg|Quint launches two brand-new properties

Anil Uniyal new-profile

Bloomberg|Quint has announced the launch of two new properties, BQ Learning and BQ Portfolio. The new shows from Bloomberg|Quint will have a larger universal appeal compared to its business news properties and are aimed at a wider audience across India.
BQ Learning is a weekly tutorial will make Indians more familiar with the various terms and concepts used in the business and finance domain, be it for markets, insurance, portfolio building, or taxation. BQ Portfolio, on the other hand, is a daily 10-minute capsule aimed at helping Indians to invest wisely and build strong portfolios. Featuring leading market experts, the show will air five times a week to provide astute advice about everything from mutual funds and stocks to insurance, deposits, and property etc.
Speaking at the launch of the new properties, Anil Uniyal, CEO, Bloomberg|Quint, said, “The rise of the Indian professional segment has brought to the fore a consumer section which is looking for avenues to maximize the value that their capital can generate. The launch of our newest properties is aimed at empowering this growing consumer base with the information, understanding, and guidance they need to make accurate, relevant, and timely investment decisions. We are confident that these new offerings will make business and finance more accessible to a larger section of the Indian population, helping them safely achieve their short, medium, and long-term financial goals.”

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