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Internationally acclaimed artist Bose Krishnamachari inaugurates IndianOil’s ‘The Canvas Code’

MediaInfoline October 24, 2018

IndianOil’s biennial art exhibition titled ‘Canvas Code’ was formally inaugurated by internationally acclaimed artist Bose Krishnamachari at Jehangir Art Gallery today where he unveiled the work of 12 masters, 35 eminent sculptor artists and painters and 38 upcoming artists. A wide array of paintings by over 90 artists from across the country will be showcased at Jehangir Art Gallery from October 24 to 29, 2018.  It will also present a diverse range of artworks by artists of different age groups, styles and categories.

What began as an eclectic art display in 1987 at IndianOil’s head office in Bandra, has today, become a significant event on Mumbai’s art calendar. This philanthropic initiative of IndianOil is organized with a view to support and promote young budding talent in the art fraternity and provides them a prestigious platform to exhibit their work alongside established artists. It will also present a diverse range of artworks by artists of different age groups, styles and categories. IndianOil has also collaborated with NGO Nanhi Kali to ensure that 10 per cent of sale proceedings will be contributed to charity.

The name ‘The Canvas Code’ stems from the fact that a canvas denotes a platform or stage that would be given to artists, irrespective of their stature or standing. Since the artists will range from masters to rising stars to beginners, the word ‘code’ has been used to denote the sense of community that they share. The code unites them for one cause – spreading the light and igniting the passion of art in the very fabric of our society where young minds are the creative catalysts of a vibrant future.

Speaking about the event, internationally acclaimed artist Bose Krishnamachari said, I am very happy to officially inaugurate the 22nd edition of the IndianOil Art Exhibition, ‘The Canvas Code’. When we were growing up we did not have many patrons who always supported practitioners of art. This is a great initiative by IndianOil to support art. Enthusiasm, commitment and passion are important for young artists to grow in their career. IndianOil is doing a very good job in encouraging young artists.”

Speaking about the event, IndianOil’s Executive Director, Corporate Communications & Branding, Subodh Dakwale said, It’s a privilege to organize the 22nd edition of the IndianOil art exhibition. We have come a long way from 1987 where we exhibited in our head office in Bandra. With each year, we’ve improved and today we have come of age with paintings of over 100 artists, masters as well as upcoming artists. IndianOil also supports sports, music and culture. This is a great platform for all young artists who otherwise don’t get a place to showcase their work. Mumbai is a city of art lovers and we are looking forward to them attending and supporting the exhibition.

Commenting on the exhibition, IndianOil’s Marketing Director, Gurmeet Singh, said, “I would like to compliment all the artists as we continue to support and promote them. Introducing the paintings by the hearing and visually impaired for the first time at the exhibition along with senior artists should provide them the opportunity to do some good work. We are thankful to Mr.Bose Krishnamachari for inaugurating the exhibition.”


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