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Brand anthem released by Okinawa to acknowledge stakeholders’ efforts

Shreoshree Chakrabarty November 20, 2020

The Indian electric two-wheeler brand focusing on ‘Make in India’, Okinawa, announces the release of its brand anthem to acknowledge the journey of the brand, efforts of the stakeholders during the pandemic and rising awareness around electric vehicles. Since its establishment, the brand has successfully retailed over 75,000+ number of electric two-wheelers in India.

To reduce air pollution in the country, the brand has been promoting the shift from ICE to EV. The brand had organized the ride on its product iPraise, To break the myths associated with EVs, from Gurgaon to Khardungla (highest motorable road in India). The objective of the brand was to establish that the EVs are at par with ICE when it comes to performance.

“Changing the mindset of people in regard to electric vehicle is the core challenge in the industry. When we began our operations, this was the first hindrance that we encountered. Over the period we have seen the acceptance towards EVs rising among the buyers. This is the result of the combined efforts put by our stakeholders. Today, Okinawa is among the top electric two- wheeler brand. While the sentiment of the market has been low due to COVID- 19, Okinawa members have been working tirelessly in the backend to sustain the tough times. Hence, we thought this would be the best time to acknowledge the spirit and skills of our stakeholders and also motivate them for future. Therefore, this anthem is dedicated to each person connected with the brand.” said Mr. Jeetender Sharma- MD & Founder, Okinawa.

Okinawa recently announced Okinawa OXI initiative in which the company’s employees has to plant trees in a nearby school. Through this, the brand wanted to implant the importance of planting trees and controlling air pollution with young minds. The demand of electric vehicles has increased over the years. The brand retailed over 1000 units, in the first month after lockdown got lifted. Okinawa plans at retailing over 30,000 by end of the fiscal.


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