BTS meal to be launched by McDonald’s across South and west India

BTS meal to be launched by McDonald's across South and west India

Even before the much anticipated BTS meal is staged to take India by storm, McDonald’s and BTS is starting the fun early. The BTS meal will feature a medium World Famous Fries, Sweet Chili and Cajun dipping sauces, 10-piece Chicken McNuggets and a medium Coke. The entire stack is inspired by recipes from the brand’s South Korean franchise menu. To start the meal will available all across South and West Indian outlets. To make this international collaboration even more special and fun, exclusive BTS X McDonald’s merchandise is now available on the WeVerse Shop App for all fans across India. This head-to-toe collection is inspired by some of the crave-able, hand-picked menu items from the BTS Meal, with dynamite threads like hoodies, purple bathrobes, socks, and sandals. Whether it’s the McDonald’s fry box logo with seven fries for each BTS member, or the marriage of BTS purple with McDonald’s red and gold, these designs are the perfect representation of an iconic partnership between two fan-favorite brands. Fans can visit the app, start browsing and purchase their favorite merchandise directly from the online store. You just need to download the Weverse Shop app and create an account and start shopping.

“We know our customers and crew have been eagerly awaiting the arrival of our first celebrity signature order in West and South India, and we’re thrilled that the collaboration is just a week away.”, said Arvind RP, Director – Marketing & Communications, McDonald’s India (West and South). “We couldn’t be more excited to start seeing our guests enjoying the BTS Meal and sporting their favorite pieces from the exclusive merch line.”

McDonald’s is also introducing a new commercial featuring the band’s new single, “Butter,” on the heels of its chart-topping release last week. You can tune in here now to watch the ad.

Customers across West and South India can order the BTS Meal across our multiple channels including Delivery, Dine In, Takeout and On The Go in due accordance with Government’s guidelines starting on 04th June until 04th July 2021. And with the BTS Meal coming to nearly 50 markets globally, customers worldwide will soon be enjoying the artists’ go-to McDonald’s favorites. The full list of participating markets and dates for meal availability can be found here.

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