Car-pooling app, ibibo Ryde to give away Free Pollution Masks


Ibibo Ryde, a carpooling app that enables people to share rides between cities as well as within the city, will be giving away free pollution masks to its riders in Delhi. Even if the odd-even plan is over, these masks will protect the commuters from ever-increasing air pollution in Delhi.

The app has also come up with a feature that makes it easier for the riders to identify the odd/even numbered cars. The people offering their rides on the app have been given an odd/even badge that is visible on their profiles. These badges help co-travellers to identify the odd/even-numbered cars accordingly.

Ryde app has also been publishing real-time statistics on Mission Save Delhi <> where it shows the amount of carbon emissions being saved by Delhiites on a daily basis by sharing rides on the platform. The page also encourages people to spread a word around the cause so that the message can reach the masses and carpooling becomes a part of their daily travel routine.

Ryde has over 2,75,000 members on the platform. The app enables anyone to offer their spare car seats and rides and at the same time passengers can select the cars based on their preferred routes, co-travellers and odd/even relevance.

Ryde app is a part of ibibo group that owns transportation and accommodation assets such as and The rides published by community members are also listed on and

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