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CloseAPP- a Covid Relief App, launched by ROPOSO founder


ROPOSO founder, Mayank Bhangadia has come up with a hyperlocal social app, CloseAPP, with a commitment to help India in its fight against COVID-19. The idea behind creating this app is to help people across the nation connect with one another within their location and get medical help in real-time. Using this app Covid Medical emergencies can be immediately resolved as this can best be met in close proximity to a person’s geo-location. By posting requirements on the app, CloseAPP can help users seek help and also learn about the availability of Ventilators, Plasma, Vaccines, ICU Beds, and Oxygen around their location. Harsha Chhabra, who is a former colleague of Bhangadia, who led product development at ROPOSO and also founded GoParento, created this app together. This social initiative has received support from many Covid volunteers.

“During my personal Covid crisis, I realized that current social networks aren’t as efficient in connecting help seekers with volunteers within one’s neighbourhood, nearby societies or geo-location. Also, while some posts get so viral that the useful resources are exhausted by the time they reach the masses, many others hardly get them. Little did I know that someone 3 kms away from my house succumbed to Covid for lack of oxygen. I could have arranged it for him, had I known this in time,” says Bhangadia who, along with his family, has recently recovered from Covid.

“During this acute crisis, no one is a stranger. Everyone needs help and anyone can help others. I, hence, felt a dire need to create an open, decentralized platform to help people connect hyper-locally with one another and get immediate help,” adds the ROPOSO founder, who is currently building an active community of volunteers and alongside building a robust Technology Team.

“It’s encouraging to see so many help seekers and volunteers from across the nation joining the app. I urge everyone to join this platform to seek help or to extend a helping hand to those in need. Together, we can all help save lives,” adds Bhangadia.


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