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Cloudnine asks Millions of Women in India to “Be a ‘Padwoman'”

MediaInfoline February 16, 2018

Cloudnine hospitals launched the ‘Be a Padwoman’ campaign that focuses on adopting good menstrual hygiene and taking control of one’s gynecological health. In India, close to 355 million women do not use proper sanitary protection during their periods which eventually leads to gynecological issues. Through this campaign, Cloudnine Hospitals aims to empower the women as ‘change agents’ by asking them to educate each other about the importance of feminine hygiene and to take control of their Gynaec health.

The “Be a Padwoman” has partnered with local and national partners to amplify the message for maximum reach and includes associations across social media, on ground activations, public awareness campaign with India’s leading multiplex chain, events at Corporates across the country, etc.

The campaign urges women to sign up themselves as well as their loved one for a free Consultation with India’s leading gynecologists at Cloudnine Hospitals in Bangalore, Chennai, Pune, Mumbai, Gurgaon and Chandigarh on the campaign website

This website will be a repository of information on maintaining sanitary hygiene and offers solutions for gynaec issues a woman faces through her life from Menarche to Menopause. Speaking about the campaign, Rohit MA, Co-founder and Managing Director, Cloudnine Hospitals said, “The lack of gynecological hygiene and proper sanitary conditions for women is an extremely concerning issue in India. Not only is there an inherent stigma attached to menstruation, there is also the problem of finding correct information related to Gynaec issues which can only be answered through personal consultation and evaluation by a qualified medical practitioner. Through this campaign, we want women to educate each other and in turn, empower the entire women community on good health and hygiene practices.”


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