Compaq Gears Up Smart Watches to Rock It Up In Indian Market


One of the most reliable smart TV brands in the country, Compaq TV, is now expanding its horizons by eyeing to build a diversified consumer base with plans to enter the smart watch segment in 2023. Compaq has already established itself as one of the most trusted and top-selling smart TV brands in India with its advanced yet affordable products; and now, the brand is embarking on the mission to bolster its customer trust with time-changing smart watches.

“Compaq has always been dedicated towards making advanced and quality products easily accessible and affordably priced. Viewing the massive market acceptance and popularity of our smart televisions, we are now planning to take a step ahead and introduce people with uniquely designed smart watches – a perfect balance between panache and performance,” said Mr. Amitabh Tiwari, CEO Ossify Industries Pvt Ltd.

Compaq has built strong market repute with years of experience in making the best of the best smart TVs for the masses. Recently, during the festive sales, Compaq has ushered towards a new success roadmap, with a massive omnichannel sale of its smart TVs and emerged as one of the most received TV brands in the country. The Compaq TVs has maintained a reputation of being reliable, technologically advanced and available for all at an attractive price range. Especially during the festivals, Compaq TV seemed to have become the most favorite choice for people across the country.

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