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Cube26 Launches New Brand–Reos

MediaInfoline September 1, 2016

Cube26, an India based technology innovation company focused on making devices smarter, today announced the launch of its new brand – Reos. With this new brand, the company plans to extend its data science capabilities across software and hardware products, making them more intuitive, accessible and easy to use for the new age, connected consumers.

Under brand Reos, the company is launching a suite of smart apps Message, Camera and Music category, to help provide a clutter free, assistive mobile experience. In the hardware segment, Cube26 aims to strengthen its presence in the smart home segment with a new version of smart bulb – Reos Lite.

Speaking on the launch, Saurav Kumar, CEO & Co-Founder, Cube26 said, “We are on a mission to make devices smarter, both in India and across the world, and our plan is to do that by combining our powerful software capability with hardware innovation. The Reos range is a first step in this direction – with which we offer intuitive and smarter solutions that are build mobile first, and solve India’s unique problems by using artificial intelligence and data mining in unique ways.”

Reos Message

The Reos Message app gives a whole new instant messaging experience for users on a single platform. The app utilizes the collective intelligence of all its users to prioritize the most relevant and actionable messages while reducing noise. The application has smart folders categorized into Main, Notifications & Promo that help users to automatically and intelligently categorize messages into distinct folders.

Reos introduces Instant Cards, allowing quick access to the information the users are looking for. For example the instant card extracts only the 6 or 4 digit OTP with a quick copy button for the online transactions. Similarly, it extracts just the PNR number for a quick check in.

Using the deep integration with Paytm, the app will automatically prompt users with a bill payment card when  they are close to bill payment or are running low on balance without juggling between multiple apps. The Reos Message app is targeted at specific user segments such as working professionals and college students to connect with their colleagues or friends.

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Reos Camera

The Reos Camera app provides users an enriched photography experience by getting the best of photo editing features at a single click. It provides live photo filters and live beauty filters which allow users to not only capture photographs with filters but also view the effect in real time further enhancing the quality of images. The app provides Artistic Filters powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI), which transform user pictures into artworks based on Indian themes. The app lets users capture amazing time-lapse and slow motion videos. Reos Camera app applies cognitive intelligence which uses unique image search along with smart image recognition technology.

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Reos Music

Reos Music app combines all the capabilities of a native music player with additional features for online video content, radio and audio recognition technology. It is powered by a search engine which helps users to fast search and get all relevant information about songs across the web. The powerful music equalizer and visualizer improve the sound quality and render beautiful visualized effects for an enhanced musical experience. The application shows all the music videos which are currently trending. The app uses audio recognition technology and enables users to identify songs, artists and lyrics.

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Reos Lite

Reos Lite is the new, upgraded version of the smart bulb. The bulb comes with new exciting features such as new modes, schedules and alerts along with the revamped music sync option. Other features include – adjustable colour temperature from Cool White to Warm White (2700K to 6500K), 13W Power and 1100 Lumen total luminous flux. Reos Lite costs Rs. 1699/- and is available on Flipkart for Indian consumers from 31st August 2016.

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  1. Eriqa September 13, 2016

    Reos Experience is A truly empowering mobile experience that understands, anticipates and responds to your needs.

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