Cuticura Launches An Innovative No Gas Body Perfume Range


Cuticura, a popular beauty & personal care brand from the house of Cholayil Private Limited, introduces six variants of revolutionary no gas deodorant range with Smart Perfume Burst capsules – that re-releases fragrance upon sensing sweat.

Each of the six variants comes with a mesmerizing fragrance that uplifts the mood the moment they are applied. The no gas deodorant range is a unique product in the category and comes with a highly innovative product benefit for the consumers. Its fragrance not only delights your skin with freshness when you apply, but its Smart Perfume Burst capsules sense sweat and the moment when they come in the contact of sweat, they burst and release higher fragrance thereby just when you need it most, releasing more fragrance.

The new range of no gas deo or we call it Body Perfumes is highly skin-friendly with multiple skin benefits. Very gentle on the skin, Cuticura’s range of Body Perfumes comes with 0% Aluminium. So, say goodbye to irritation, itching, or tingling.

Allergy-causing Triclosan found in other deodorants, not in Cuticura Body Perfumes! They’re truly skin-friendly.

Cuticura Body Perfumes don’t block your pores to stop sweat. Its unique fragrance turns your sweat into a burst of fragrance. So, your skin smells refreshingly fresh, while breathing freely!

The entire range – six new fragrances – is named after Greek goddesses who are celebrated for their beauty. The variants are named Elizabeth, Angeline, Helena, Victoria, Diana, and Cleopatra.

The product variants are available in 120 ml packages priced Rs. 180. These products are available at all major retail outlets across the country. These products are also available on E-commerce websites in addition to their official website: Click here

Mr. Ashish Ohlyan, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Cholayil Private Limited said, “Body Perfumes play a huge role in the confidence of an individual. The long-lasting fragrance is something that every person envisions and our recently launched product with the Smart Perfume Burst just does the same. It’s an innovation in the category and not only it gives a great fragrance when you apply but it never allows bad odour from the body as the product delivers a higher fragrance when comes in contact with sweat. “

Mr. Pradeep Cholayil, Chairman & Managing Director of Cholayil Private Limited said, “Cuticura has been a household name in Kerala market and the brand has superior credibility and consumer trust. To further strengthen our bond with the consumers we have launched this innovative product that will surely disrupt the market and take Cuticura brand to the next level.”

Cholayil Private Limited tradition was established in the 18th century, by one of India’s most respected families rooted in the tradition of Ayurveda. A company that turned to nature for inspiration soon turned into a household name in India. The flagship brand MEDIMIX emerged in 1969 under the guidance of Late Dr. V.P. Sidhan. Today, Cholayil Private Limited stands tall as one of the country’s trusted Ayurvedic personal care companies with a successful portfolio of Medimix, Cuticura, Krishna Thulasi, Sadayush Ayurvedic Cure & Care, Dr.Sidhan’s Herbal Formulation, and Jullaaha (handcrafted exotic Ayurvedic products). The company currently is led by second-generation entrepreneur Mr. Pradeep Cholayil and has won many prestigious awards including ‘Medimix’ as No.1 in the ‘Ayurvedic Soap Category’ in 2014, by ‘ET Iconic Brand’ in 2020, by Brand Equity and Femina ‘Power Brand Of the Year’ in 2021. Cholayil Private Limited also has a strong foothold overseas in countries such as Dubai, Saudi Arabia, Malaysia, China, France, Singapore, Germany, Cambodia, South Korea, Guatemala, Sweden, Yemen, U.S.A, Hong Kong, Mauritius and Japan!

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