Dabur launches – Project Madhu, to promote organic honey production

Dabur launches - Project Madhu, to promote organic honey production

Dabur launched its new initiative Project Madhu in order to promote beekeeping and honey production as a profitable enterprise for small and medium entrepreneurs and farmers. As a part of Project Madhu, the Science-based Ayurveda giant is working with local Non-Profit Organizations across three states of India – Jharkhand, Bihar, and Assam. The initiative is aimed at creating an ecosystem that will bring access to the market-place, financing, and technical know-how together for the farmers and entrepreneurs to train and sustain them in the vocation of beekeeping. As per the right interventions, India has the potential for increasing its honey production capacity from the current 3.4 Million Bee Colonies – 1.20 Lakh Mt to  200 Million Bee Colonies – 70 Lakh Mt.

With this initiative, Dabur aims to provide 5600 bee-boxes to farmers that are going to positively impact the socio-economic situation of 350 families in the states of Jharkhand and Assam. Apart from this, Bihar’s 2250 families being benefitted through World Bank Aided Jeevika Project which attained  23500 box distribution.

The company has collaborated with Vikas Bharti in Jharkhand, Jeevika BRLPS (Bihar Rural Livelihood Promotion Society) in Bihar, and the Institute of Integrated Resource Management (IIRM) in Assam.

Talking about the launch of the campaign, Mr. Prashant Agarwal, Marketing Head- Health Supplements, Dabur India Ltd said, “Project Madhu has been conceptualized to give momentum to Dabur’s ambition of making the bee-keeper community in India more self-reliant, self-sustaining, and more scientific in its approach. We have been working in this direction for several years. However, with Project Madhu, we want to fortify our efforts and reach out to a wider audience across the country. The idea for us is to collaborate with government and private stakeholders and bring to life, a ‘honey corridor’ across the select states, which would look at contributing positively to the welfare of the farmers and the nation at large.”

The campaign, Project Madhu is being brought to life by the Bio-Resource Development team at Dabur India Ltd. Speaking on the initiative, Dr. Pankaj Raturi, Head of Bio-Resource Development team at Dabur, said, “Beekeeping, as an enterprise, fits well with small scale farmers across the country and helps them earn additional income. It has the potential to provide employment, income, and economic security for their family and others in rural areas. At Dabur, we are committed to making requisite skills available to the targeted communities and provide them assistance to create a sustainable source of income in the long term.”

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