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Daikin AC: Which Series is the Best in Daikin AC with Low Maintenance?

MediaInfoline February 19, 2021

Daikin ACDue to the expansion of residential and commercial sectors, rising purchasing power, etc., the overall AC market has acquired a substantial profit for the past few years. The same is expected to grow at a CAGR of more than 17% to 2023.

Utilising the situation, top-selling air conditioner brands are continually coming up with various options in order to stay relevant and beat their competitors. Among them, Daikin air conditioner has been dominating the market for a long time with a significant market share. The premium-quality Daikin AC 1 ton models have been an absolute favourite for lots of customers for some compelling features and user compatibility.

Following are some options to help you pick your favourite model:

  • Daikin 1.5 ton 5-star split inverter AC

From sleep mode to Eco mode, this specific model comes with various smart features to suit your needs. The Eco mode ensures that the Daikin AC is safe from electrical overload when a lot of other electronic devices are running together on a shared electrical circuit. Furthermore, you also get to experience fast cooling during an excessively hot climate that is controlled perfectly by its Power Chill feature.

The presence of these necessary features has made this one of the go-to products in the market.

  • Daikin AC 1 ton 3-star split AC

Daikin ATL35TV from this range has been one of the best-selling appliances as it fulfils the most important aspect, cost-effectiveness. With its sleep off timer feature, you can stay trouble-free and save yourself from unbearable electricity bills.

This particular model is also equipped with a copper condenser coil that requires low maintenance and offers better cooling than lots of other devices. It also consists of an R32 refrigerant that ensures environment-friendliness and faster cooling as well. In terms of cost, this one comes as an economical option, with a price tag of Rs.30000 in India.

  • Daikin 1 ton 5-star inverter AC

Unlike the previous one, Daikin JTKJ35TV16U comes with an ISEER value of 5.8 and a filter to trap 2.5 pm particles. This way, not only do you get to experience a cooling effect but also a soothing surrounding inside your room. Some of its other features make sure that you get a noise-free environment with the least power consumption.

Moreover, Daikin AC models generally possess some innovative and useful characteristics like 3D Coanda Airflow function that ensures pleasant air-conditioning. Also, streamer discharge technology keeps your room smell-proof as it contains a filter to eliminate dust, pollutants, etc.

Even though these models are affordable, some of the premium options among the Daikin AC 1 ton series can be slightly towards the expensive side. However, easy financing options like Bajaj Finserv EMI Network Card can help customers choose flexible repayment options to handle high-value purchases. Apart from the traditional EMI schemes, it also offers features like minimal to zero down payment, tenure of up to 24 months, etc.

From Daikin AC to Voltas AC, customers get numerous options to choose from. While picking the best air conditioner for your room, aspects like durability, energy efficiency, etc., are some crucial factors to consider. This way, it gets easier to find an ideal appliance to meet your daily needs.


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