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Diageo India Reinvents Antiquity Blue Whisky For The Evolving Millennials

MediaInfoline September 13, 2017

Diageo India, the country’s leading beverage alcohol company is relaunching its premium brand Antiquity Blue Whisky with an exquisite, timeless and striking new packaging.

The new pack has a first in class SOFT TOUCH FINISH added for a velvety feel cocooning the ICONIC BLUE BOTTLE inspired by the timeless traditions of Venetian glass-making. The new Antiquity Blue logo has a golden heart to glorify the TIMELESS HEART. A new brand asset has been created as a symbol of timelessness, THE DOUBLE HEADED HERON which has one head looking towards the past and the other to the future. The overall new look with added provenance, stands for timelessness, authenticity and age-old traditions.

At the heart of Antiquity Blue whisky lies an extraordinary story of true and timeless whisky-making traditions. In 1824, Scotsman by the name of Robert Stein pioneered the art of grain whisky at Cameronbridge Distillery. Today, Antiquity Blue whisky is blended with grain Scotch whisky from the very same distillery which uses the same timeless and true process of grain whisky distillation. The scotch malt is distilled in authentic copper pot stills, aged in American oak casks that grants the whisky a richer texture and robust flavour, it is further blended with the finest Indian grain spirit to give the blend a rich, inviting colour- inspired by the hue of antique gold.

The Antiquity Blue whisky is crafted by of one of Diageo’s leading master blenders, Craig Wallace, who keeps alive the traditions handed down by masters before him and will ensure it is handed down to the next generation of Master Blenders.

“Antiquity Blue stands for the timeless art of whisky making and the new pack showcases that beautifully. This brand renovation transitions the brand into a more contemporary and modernized territory that speaks to true whisky connoisseurs. We are very happy to see that the consumers are already appreciating this finer experience”, says Subroto Geed, Senior VP-Marketing at Diageo India.

Antiquity Blue is one of India’s most premium whisky brands and is appreciated by its loyal consumers and seasoned whisky connoisseurs. In its new renovated avatar it promises to appeal to the evolving preferences of the millennials. The whisky is available in outlets across Karnataka and is priced at Rs 1,415.98 for a 750 ml bottle.


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