Duracell Chhota Power: to last one year in remote controls

Duracell Chhota Power

Duracell Chhota Power™ batteries extend your TV viewing time for just a few Rupees more

Duracell launches an Alkaline battery guaranteed to last one year in remote controls: Duracell Chhota Power™. Inspired by a deep dive analysis of how and where Indians mostly use batteries every day, Duracell Chhota Power’s™ unique formula has been optimized for common devices in Indian households, including remotes, such as the one for the Set-Top Box. Enjoy hassle-free channel surfing guaranteed for an entire year! A nationwide dense distribution will ensure that Duracell Chhota Power™ batteries are available for millions of Indian families – for just 17 Rupees a battery.

Duracell Chhota Power™ – Longevity with a “Triple Benefit”

Because Duracell Chhota Power™ batteries are guaranteed to last one year in a remote control, they:

  1. Extend the time of TV family joy without any interruption caused by batteries with lower battery life
  2. Provide much better value for money and are easier on the family budget. Here’s the rationale:
    • One Duracell Alkaline Chhota Power™ battery is ₹17 and guaranteed to last one year in a remote control. Heavy Duty Zinc-Carbon batteries, with lower battery life, sell for ₹15.
    • No hassle of changing the batteries often!
  3. Reduce the amount of unnecessary waste
    • A longer lasting battery has less impact on the environment.

In a way, Heavy Duty Zinc-Carbon batteries may be compared to Duracell Chhota Power™ batteries as CFL (Compact Fluorescent Light) light bulbs may be compared to LED lights. While both create luminosity, LEDs come with a much more advanced technology, last significantly longer and therefore provide a far superior value for money.

Indian households powering their remote controls with Duracell Chhota Power™ batteries will see those remotes lasting longer than those fitted with zinc carbon batteries, making it a better and more valuable choice for Indian consumers. Duracell will also continue to provide Duracell Ultra with Upto 100% More Power for those power-hungry devices in Indian homes.

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