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EcoLink Lights and Fans campaign launched by Signify is humorously honest

Madhushree Chakrabarty April 19, 2021

The world leader in lighting, Signify (Euronext: LIGHT), has launched its latest TV campaign for the ongoing IPL season. The campaign focuses on the EcoLink range of fans and lights. The campaign videos are refreshingly honest. The campaign highlights the performance and durability instead of marketing noise. Publicis Communications Pvt. Ltd. has created these humorously honest no-nonsesnse campaign videos. 

The essence of the narrative is succinctly captured in the tagline “Dumdaar motor wale EcoLink fans. No hawabaazi, just awesome hawa.” The film for EcoLink light bulbs also reiterates this same philosophy and urges the protagonist to focus on the brightness of the bulb instead of expecting it to deliver miracles. The video concludes with the tagline “Dumdaar brightness wali EcoLink Lights. No bright ideas, bas brightest light. 

Commenting on the new campaign, Nikhil Gupta, Head of Integrated and Marketing Communications, and Commercial Operations at Signify Innovations India said, “We are excited about our latest TV advertising campaign to launch our EcoLink range of products. The quirky campaign has been designed keeping in mind EcoLink’s no-nonsense, honest yet hardworking personality and urges consumers to not believe in unsubstantiated and over-the-top marketing claims. With this campaign we aim to make EcoLink synonymous with powerful performance and capture a piece of our audience’s mind with this clutter breaking and entertaining narrative.”

Sridharan Iyer, EVP and Head of Branch, Publicis Communications Pvt. Ltd. said about the campaign, “We are extremely delighted and honored to have been chosen by Signify India to partner them in launching EcoLink in the mass end of the electric fan and lighting category. In a category full of over promises we as a brand decided to focus on what matters the most, which is performance. In the series of communication covering both fans and lights we disparaged lofty claims and brought attention to the core parameter of performance in a humorous way.”

 Ranadeep Dasgupta, Executive Creative Director, Publicis Communications Pvt. Ltd. said about the campaign, “Ecolink is all about solid performance. Fans for powerful air and lights that are perfectly bright. That’s the one simple promise. And to say this, we thought perhaps, we should begin with all that we can’t promise.”


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