Become Preferable Choice with 44.93 Million Active Users


India’s most popular financial and business news site, has reached 44.93 million monthly active users. According to the March 2022 Comscore data, ET Prime, the premium members-only subscription known for its accurate and insightful business storytelling, is also gaining a massive number of subscribers, demonstrating the product’s growing importance and popularity for its in-depth news reporting and analysis.

Meanwhile, an online survey conducted with a structured questionnaire among the site’s users across all digital platforms has attested to this and cemented the portal’s position as the foremost news destination for the crème de la crème of India Inc. However, the results of this survey revealed that most readers are invested in vital decision-making roles and influence critical business policies in India.

Furthermore, as the survey reveals, one in every four readers surveyed is a CXO, a business founder, or a leader. The platform’s users are predominantly from the educated and affluent sections who live a high-end lifestyle, with 6 percent of those surveyed earning more than Rs.1 crore per annum and 23 percent enjoying an annual international ‘bleisure’ trip. Among those surveyed, 3 per cent also use private jets.

Sanjeev Kumar, Business Head of, informed that the phenomenal growth in readership, loyal subscribers, and the survey’s findings reaffirm the site’s undisputed leadership in business and financial news and analysis. has contributed immensely to India’s economic story by delivering trustworthy information and continues to be keenly followed by the nation’s decision-makers. Its reach among the aspiring and established leaders of the country has created an ecosystem that our partners can efficiently leverage and hugely benefit from.’s broad reach among affluent digital audiences attests to the value that advertising partners gain from publishing on the platform. Each ad impression on the website impacts India’s most premium audience, benefiting brands and advertisers while allowing users to make informed choices.


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