element14 stocking over 2,500 Embedded Development Kits and Accessories

element14, the Development Distributor, is committed to providing the latest in embedded solutions; stocking an extensive range of products from leading suppliers such as Cypress, Xilinx and NXP as well as an exclusive range of development kits created by its technology brand, element14.

With over 2,500 development kits and accessories in stock, customers can access daughter boards and modules, primary platform development kits, single board computers and development kit accessories such as adaptors, circuit racks, enclosures and sensor kits, all with same day dispatch.

element14 also works with partners to bring exclusive development kits to customers, helping them get started with new technologies, reduce design time and accelerate time to market.

element14’s top picks for embedded solutions include:

  • Cypress PSoC 6 BLE Pioneer Kit: The perfect way for engineers to get started with next-generation IoT Designs using the new PSoC 6 MCU, which is purpose-built for the IoT. The PSoC 6 MCU is an IoT game changer which eliminates the need for designers to choose between high performance and low power in their IoT project development.  The PSoC 6 delivers both, plus the security that next-generation IoT devices demand – all on the famous PSoC programmable fabric.
  • Xilinx® All Programmable Devices: Xilinx All Programmable devices provide the designer with a flexible route to system implementation. The blank canvas of the device can quickly be configured by using advanced development tools and libraries to produce a product that does exactly what is needed, providing a faster time to market. By integrating multiple functions in a single device there is a reduced Bill of Materials, making savings in both purchasing and manufacturing.
  • Raspberry Pi IoT Learner Kit: Developed in collaboration with IBM, the kit provides an end-to-end learning solution for makers, hardware and software developers and students looking to get started with IoT development.  Built around the Raspberry Pi3 and Raspberry Pi sense hat, the kit can be used in conjunction with IBM’s Coursera course: “A Developer`s Guide to Internet of Things (IoT)” to learn the skills required for IoT development, create projects and bring innovative projects into commercial application.

Simon Meadmore, Global Head of Semiconductors and SBC at Premier Farnell and element14 said: “As the Development Distributor, we are focused on providing our customers with the support they need to get their products to market quickly.  One way in which we do this is by providing  access to the latest embedded devices, all in stock and all available for same day dispatch, supporting  design engineers wherever they are on their journey, as they learn, innovate, optimise and bring their products to market.”

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