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Emami introduces BoroPlus Healthy White Fairness Cream

MediaInfoline March 28, 2018

Indian society is at the cusp of a new beginning with more & more women having stories of grit, passion and reaching their objectives by overcoming damage caused by both internal & external aggresses. Indian women do not anymore need to be portrayed as empowered to feel good. In fact, they have already taken up unique roles in the society as shining examples. Be it the likes of the first lady fighter pilot to fly the MIG 21 solo or the female biker who reached the highest lake in India or the student after whom a planet has been named recently – all of them belong to the breed of #IndiaKaNayaChehra as they are embracing a life which no more holds them back in face of any challenge. Celebrating this “new face” #IndiaKaNayaChehera, Emami Ltd, the Indian FMCG major, introduces the BoroPlus Healthy White Fairness Cream.

Breaking every stereotype, women in India are embracing unique professions and passions. They are the #IndiaKaNayaChehra. With such an active lifestyle, women are on the lookout for a face care product which is not for superficial beauty but that would nourish the skin from within, help repair the damaged skin and allow them to sport their original healthy glow & radiance against all environmental challenges.

Supporting her in this journey is BoroPlus Healthy White Fairness Cream which with the goodness of 21 Ayurvedic herbs along with its trusted antiseptic action works from inside to revive the touch of health in one’s original skin by efficiently removing dark spots and uneven skin tone.

According to Ms. Priti Sureka, Director- Emami Ltd, “Today’s woman is #IndiaKaNayaChehra as she goes ahead in her pursuit to achieve her objective without worrying about external and internal aggressors. The existing beauty creams in the market typically offer solutions to one’s skin conditions but only externally. The skin which is exposed to the harsh environmental conditions everyday needs more than just a product to make it healthy. That is where BoroPlus Healthy White Fairness Cream comes to your rescue. It works from within to eliminate all the imperfections such as dark spots and uneven skin tone. Its 21 ayurvedic ingredients and the antiseptic action effectively repairs the inside damage to reveal a visibly flawless and even toned skin.”

Consumers today are largely independent in taking decisions on how they should look, carry and present themselves. These consumers are now debunking the standards set by society in terms of their appearance. They are confident and determined and fear no obstacles that hold them back from achieving their goals. BoroPlus Healthy White Fairness Cream is an ideal choice for such consumers who demand ‘the very best of skincare solutions.’

A new television commercial directed by the highly accomplished Ms. Kopal Naithani, one of the most promising women directors in the Indian ad business, is on air currently.

BoroPlus Healthy White Fairness Cream will be available in pack sizes of 8gm at Rs. 8 and 25 gm at Rs. 50 respectively.


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