Emmbi Industries’ Avana announces Sayaji Shinde as brand ambassador

Avana ropes in Sayaji Shinde

Sayaji Shinde has been roped in as the official brand ambassador of Avana, a new offshoot of Emmbi Industries Ltd. which is a manufacturing company for Crop protection, Water Conservation, Packaging and Human Safety. This segment was launched in 2016 and pulled countless Indian farmers out of poverty since then. The actor who is a crowd favourite amongst the regional audiences spanning multiple states in this new segment which has unique end-to-end water conservation solutions and leading pond-lining products.

Mr. Sayaji Shinde is a renowned artist hailing from a farmer’s family in the Satara District of Maharashtra. He has delivered stellar performances and blockbusters in Hindi, Marathi, Gujarati, Telugu, English, Tamil, Malayalam and Kannada language cinema and in Marathi Plays which have been critically acclaimed. Recipient of four Filmfare nominations, the star has produced a handful of Marathi movies. Being a passionate environmental activist, he oversaw the planting of over 20,000 trees in around 10 villages in the Satara district while he campaigned for tree plantation and conservation. And in addition to this, he is closely associated with the NGO Sahyadri Devrai, responsible for planting 2,90,317 trees in Western Maharashtra.

Ms. Maithili Appalwar, CEO of Avana stated, “We are very excited to have onboard with us such a huge name from the film industry, who has spent his life entertaining the masses and is the perfect choice to represent a brand such as ours, whose motto has always been to serve the hardworking farmers and people of our country. Mr. Sayaji is a true environmentalist, who has always used his platform to shed light on important causes like afforestation, and we are confident that his enormous regional appeal will be greatly instrumental in raising awareness on water management and our product’s unique offerings across the heart of India.”

Mr. Sayaji Shinde stated, “I am happy to be associated with a business that has helped farmers in their daily work and is synonymous with trust, staying true to its motto ‘Kisaan Sukhi Bhava’. I believe that farmers are the backbone of our economy, being the proud son of a farmer, and I am delighted to endorse such an ingenious product that helps them use water judiciously and is also beneficial for our environment.”

In 11,000 plus ponds owned by farmers, Avana Industries has installed its leading water conservation products helping to conserve a whopping 54.0 Billion Litres of Water in just a few years resulting in a documented rise of 98.7% in the farmers’ income. Innumerable farmers were also helped by the conserved water from  Avana’s solutions, to set up flourishing side businesses which resulted in a complete turnaround for their trade and lives.

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