Engage launches Eau De Parfum

Engage Eau de Parfum Yin and Yang

India’s leading fragrance brand Engage from the house of ITC unveiled its first range of Eau de Parfum. Engage takes a bold step forward to redefine fragrance concepts inspired from the traditional philosophy of Duality. Based on the principle that all things exist in contradictory opposites, Engage presents ‘Yin’ for the Engage Man and ‘Yang’ for the Engage Woman.

The philosophy defines that two opposites attract and complement each other. The symbol illustrates that each at its core has an element of the other. With this as the concept premise, the fragrances have been designed to bring together fragrance notes which complement each other and have a core which has an element of the opposite.

‘Yin’ for Engage Man symbolically acknowledges and celebrates this core. Layered within the masculine earthy, woody and citrus notes, at the heart of this fragrance, is the floral note. ‘Yin’ for Engage Man upholds this core. ‘Yang’ for Engage Woman has feminine notes of Vanilla, red berries and a woody complex base note. ‘Yang’ for Engage woman reflects base note as its core.

When Yin & Yang (opposites) come together, there is a whole new magical thing called “us”. Designed as two halves, the glass perfume bottles and the packaging design also echoes the concept of duality.

Mr. Sameer Satpathy, Chief executive, Personal Care Products Business, says, “Duality is a life truth. Yin is feminine and Yang is masculine and in each of the opposing but complementary energies there is a small part of the other. In an intriguing first, ‘Yin’ for Engage Man and ‘Yang’ for Engage Woman explores and celebrates the core as an element of the other. The fragrances designed in France, brings to bear this concept of duality which acknowledges the mix of both masculine and feminine energies and its latent strength.”

Engage Eau De Parfum is the most recent launch in the Engage portfolio. It is available in 4 fragrances – Yin for Engage Man, Yang for Engage Woman, Femme and Homme. The exquisite mix of fragrances are deeply rooted in the brand concept that truly believes – ‘Similarities are boring. Opposites spice things up’.

Available across leading retail outlets in India, the fragrances are priced at Rs. 499/- for 90 ml.

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