ESAR Media & Advertising launches new entity, BuckVas


ESAR Media & Advertising, India’s fastest growing performance based AD network, has announced the launch of a new company under its operations. The new entity, BuckVas is a Value-Added-Services (VAS) entertainment content platform catering specifically to the requirements of the telecom sector. Based in Mumbai, the newly formed organization has formally commenced operations under the leadership of digital advertising industry professional- Malik Gilani.

BuckVas has been positioned as anentity that sells content to the end user via the telecom operators’ billing channels; by providing revenue shares. It further aims topromote and sell effective digital goods in the genre of entertainment, and provide userswith a value for money approach.

Commenting on the launch, Malik Gilani, Founder & CEO, Esar Media and Advertising said, “The advancements in internet penetration and related technology have paved way for an extremely potent value-added-services sector. More specifically, the entertainment VAS industry has seen immense traction in the recent past and we envision this growth to further magnify in the years to come. As a result, it was a conscious decision to launch a dedicated set of operations,particularly in the entertainment VAS industry, to cap on probable market opportunities. With BuckVas, we want to deliver quick and effective solutions in this space and scale latent opportunities to their optimum levels.”

With BuckVas, the company aims to maximize the reach of acquired as well as in-house developed entertainment content and make it accessible globally.Presently, the company has invested in the procurement of content and will rely on allies with parent company ESAR Media, for all related advertising technology.

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