Eve World introduces ‘coto’ – a Web3 social community platform exclusively for women

coto white Logo

Eve World’s vision was born out of necessity – a need for a free and responsible virtual space for women, where everyone gets an equal shot at value creation. Taking this vision ahead, Eve World now announces ‘coto’ – a Web3 social community platform exclusively for women. Derived from ‘come together’, ‘coto’ is a new digital space for women that enables creativity without bounds and is built on the promise of consent and continual ownership. A one-point destination for women all over the world, ‘coto’ represents a world that isn’t just free and responsible, but is also one that’s built on participative ownership, where women have the space to express, engage, and be rewarded without toxicity.

In several ways, ‘coto’ and ‘limitless’ are synonymous. ‘coto’ is quite literally a space of limitless possibility, and it enables and empowers its members to enjoy a complete digital experience, in a world created by them and for them, without limits.

A glimpse of some of the brand elements of ‘coto’ –

  • Brand Logo – Warm, inviting, fun, reliable – there was a lot that had to be represented in coto’s logo. In terms of a design perspective, a bold geometric typeface with elegantly rounded edges perfectly captures the warmth and playfulness of the brand
  • The letters denote the inherent uniqueness and individuality of every person. The bold geometric typeface with elegantly rounded edges perfectly captures the warmth and playfulness of the brand
  • The ‘t’ and the ‘o’ blend together in a harmonious yet powerful expression of what the brand stands for and is built to do—bring people together
  • The primary color of the identity is violet, as it effortlessly evokes independence and creativity while being pleasing to the eye. It perfectly captures the brand’s vision for the future, one of determination and joy, while sparking inspiration in our users to create and express themselves

‘coto’ will be a natural extension of Eve World, synergizing seamlessly, and resting on the pillars of uplifting, inspiring, empowering and enabling together. ‘coto’ will enable women to focus on what’s truly important to them, and building on Web3 principles is what helps us ensure this.

Interestingly, ‘coto’ allows decentralized autonomous organizations or DAOs who are governed by its community, which help members decide on new features and functionality. These self-governed DAOs can make use of governance tokens, which financially incentivize members to vote and participate. Decentralized in nature, blockchain technology allows coto users to partake in a token economy. This way, the community’s revenue goes directly to the content creators when users decide to support or reward a creator they like.

Self-governance, ownership, active participation in deciding on the future – all this and more is ‘coto’, Eve World’s much-anticipated Web3 social community platform designed for women.

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