Ferrero aims to delight Indian consumers with the launch of it’s Made in India innovation – Tic Tac ‘Seeds’

Ferrero aims to delight Indian consumers with the launch of it’s Made in India innovation - Tic Tac ‘Seeds’

Tic Tac, the confectionery brand of Ferrero India Private Limited part of Ferrero Group, one of the world’s leading manufacturer of sweet packaged products has today announced the launch of ‘Tic Tac Seeds’ in two variations – Saunf and Ginger Elaichi flavor across India.

Consuming mouth-fresheners made of multi sensorial ingredients like seeds, spices, sugar etc., at the end of a meal, is a strongly rooted tradition for all Indians. Keeping in mind this practice, Tic Tac innovated and developed ‘Tic Tac Seeds’ a crunchy shell filled with crushed seeds, that provides a long-lasting and unique taste experience.  Positioned as refreshingly traditional, the ‘Seeds’ innovation, is a step towards strengthening Tic Tac’s presence in the refreshment category.

Tic Tac has also recently expanded its price proposition to Re. 1, that makes it accessible to a much larger set of consumers. Tic Tac Seeds will also be available at INR 1 and INR 10 price points. Tic Tac Seeds is a ‘Made in India” product, which is manufactured at the Ferrero India plant at Baramati, Pune.

Commenting on the launch, Mr. Zoher Kapuswala, India Marketing Head – Tic Tac, Rocher, Nutella said, “India is a market of small transactions.  Tic Tac ‘Seeds innovation is the result of an extensive market research done with the Indian youth to understand India’s affinity for all things traditional. The launch of Tic Tac Seeds not only marks the expansion of our product portfolio but also signifies our understanding of the consumer’s traditional taste.  The new pricing strategy of INR 1 will allow us to expand our market base and make ‘Tic Tac Seeds’ accessible to a larger set of consumers.”

 Tic Tac has consistently come up with great flavours in its attempt to cater to the varied taste of the Indian palette. The current assortment of flavors includes – Mint, Orange, Saunf and Red Apple. Tic Tac Seeds is the brand’s effort to further build the connect with its consumers. promising a refreshing and enduring taste experience, without compromising on the goodness of traditions.  The company will expand the portfolio by introducing more flavours under Tic Tac Seeds in the coming years.

Tic Tac is positioned as the brand that stands for fun, freshness, enjoyment and connectivity. The iconic flip-top pack with many pills inside and its rattling sound are unique attributes which drives differentiation of Tic Tac with any other brand.

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