Fidelity International Expands Presence in India with New Bengaluru Office

: Fidelity International's new Bengaluru office supports business functions and taps into skilled talent in India.


Fidelity International is opening a new office in Bengaluru, India, to enhance its strategic presence in the country and tap into a pool of skilled talent. The office will seat 700 to 800 employees and support various business functions, including technology, operations, and client servicing.


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Fidelity International’s Expansion into India Signals Confidence in the Country’s Talent and Capabilities

The recent announcement of Fidelity International’s expansion into India with the opening of a new office in Bengaluru speaks volumes about the company’s confidence in the country’s talent and capabilities. This move not only further strengthens Fidelity International’s strategic presence in India but also highlights the country’s importance to the company’s global operations.

With existing offices in Gurugram and Mumbai, the decision to establish a presence in Bengaluru demonstrates Fidelity International’s commitment to tapping into the vast pool of skilled professionals available in the southern region of India. By setting up a new office in Manyata Embassy Business Park, Fidelity International is providing itself with the opportunity to access top talent and stay ahead in a rapidly evolving business landscape.

Importantly, the new office will adhere to the company’s dynamic working policy, offering a hybrid working setup that supports the evolving needs of both its employees and clients. This further underscores Fidelity International’s commitment to providing a flexible and inclusive work environment that fosters productivity and innovation.

India is a significant location for Fidelity International, serving as home to a wide range of capabilities across various business functions. From technology and operations to research support and client servicing, the country plays a crucial role in delivering a seamless and cutting-edge experience to clients worldwide. Additionally, India’s expertise in areas such as digital, data, and artificial intelligence ensures that Fidelity International remains at the forefront of technological advancements, enabling the company to consistently provide relevant solutions to its clients.

The expansion into Bengaluru is a testament to Fidelity International’s long-term commitment to the Indian market. As one of the leading investment and retirement savings businesses globally, Fidelity International recognizes the value that India offers in terms of building a sustainable, efficient, and customer-centric business. By expanding its presence in the country, Fidelity International aims to leverage the talent and skills of the Indian workforce to enhance its future skills roadmap and chart a path towards continued success.

Moreover, the new Bengaluru office will not only provide opportunities for professionals to thrive but also bring the unique culture of “Feel Fidelity” to the city. This distinct cultural core, highly regarded both internally and externally, creates an environment that fosters employee satisfaction, growth, and engagement. As Fidelity International extends its presence in India, it will undoubtedly attract top talent, enabling the company to deliver outstanding outcomes for its clients while maintaining its commitment to trust and integrity.

Overall, Fidelity International’s decision to expand its presence in India by opening a new office in Bengaluru is a positive step that underscores the company’s confidence in the country’s talent and capabilities. This expansion will not only strengthen Fidelity International’s foothold in India but also contribute to the growth of India’s financial services sector. As Fidelity International continues to invest in the country, it will play an instrumental role in shaping India’s future as a global financial hub.


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Fidelity International, a leading global investment and retirement savings business, today announced that it is expanding its presence in India by opening an office in the south of India, in Bengaluru. The new Bengaluru office will complement its current Gurugram and Mumbai offices and will bolster Fidelity International’s strategic presence in the country, as well as provide access to a new pool of skilled talent to support the evolving needs of our business and clients.

Situated in Manyata Embassy Business Park on the Outer Ring Road, the new Fidelity International office will cover an area of 25,000 square feet (2,322 square meters). It is being designed to seat 700 to 800 people in a dynamic (hybrid) working set up, in line with the company’s dynamic working policy. The company has started hiring for the new Bengaluru office and will thoughtfully build its local presence over the next year and a half for skills and capabilities across business functions. It has started welcoming new hires in Bengaluru this July, and will also appoint a Bengaluru office head soon, likely to be an internal hire for better embedding of the Fidelity International culture and continuity in the new office.

India as a location is integral to Fidelity International globally, in that it is important to all its business functions and is home to a range of capabilities such as technology that its clients experience directly or indirectly; operations; research support; client servicing; cyber security; shared services across general counsel, finance and human resources.

India is also home to capabilities across cutting- edge tech, such as digital, data and artificial intelligence, that help the company stay ahead and be consistently relevant to clients.

Rohit Jetly, Head of Shared Services; Country Head — India, Fidelity International, commented: “We have had a presence in India for over 20 years, and from small beginnings, we now employ more than 4,500 people here. The new office in Bengaluru reinforces the company’s belief around its strategic presence in the country and the talent we have here. We will thoughtfully build our presence in Bengaluru over the months and expect to find some amazing talent here, that together with our Gurugram and Mumbai offices, will be crucial for our future skills roadmap.”

“India continues to play a valuable role for us to be able to build a sustainable, efficient and a customer centric business, and the business that we want to build for the future, keeping trust and integrity as our bedrock for everything we do”.

Upasna Nischal, HR Head – India, Fidelity International, commented: “The new Bengaluru office will provide talent the same opportunities, culture, and workplace ethos as anywhere across Fidelity International globally. We have a unique cultural core that isn’t like any other; one that people love and revere, and rate highly on external platforms; we call it ‘Feel Fidelity’. Almost every one of our employees will have their own inspiring ‘Feel Fidelity’ story and I’m excited that through our extended presence in India, we will not only be able to engage with a wider talent pool but will also be able to bring this unique culture to Bengaluru.”


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