FilterCopy and India Film Project launch new project to empower aspiring writers


India Film Project, in partnership with digital entertainment company Pocket Aces, is launching a project that gives writers an opportunity to develop their sketch ideas and scripts into a digital video with FilterCopy. The project is titled “Web Writers’ Lab” and is set to open applications to all writers on 5th December.


“Web Writers’ Lab” marks the collaboration between one of the largest film communities in the country, India Film Project and top digital entertainment company, Pocket Aces. The goal of the project is to help identify and nurture writers from different parts of country, and provide them with the necessary training and platform to break through into the digital content creation. The project hopes to bring forth unique new voices into the digital ecosystem and provide audiences with more freshly brewed content.


An important part of this project is the mentorship that the shortlisted writers will receive as they will also work very closely with team FilterCopy who are creating some of the most successful pieces of video content in the Indian digital space today. They will get a taste of the trials and tribulations as well as the rewards of being a writer ins today’s digital age.


Aditya Pisharody, Head of Video for FilterCopy shared, “It is very exciting to be working with IFP on this project. We believe that there is a tremendous amount of creative talent throughout the country – not just in the metros or big cities. However, they often lack the access, opportunity, or resources to take their ideas forward. While script labs and workshops can be helpful, this program will go one step further to produce and release these videos on FilterCopy – with full production and distribution resources provided. By launching this program, we aim to provide a platform for these aspiring writers to showcase their talent and help them reach a wider audience. This will make the entire experience both tangible and rewarding, and we look forward to working with and nurturing the next generation of creators.”


Ritam Bhatnagar, Founder and Director of India Film Project said, “We live in a time where thousands of fiction videos are uploaded every day. It’s a great time to create content. The production, distribution, investments are being taken care of. However, one place we noticed that content lacked in solid writing. Even the best produced videos dwindled due to bad writing. We soon realised the need to involve and groom writers to better adapt to the digital space and find the right mentors for the next set of upcoming writers. Web Writer’s Lab is a step towards creating an ecosystem for training writers and giving them an opportunity to take their skill to the next level.”


The final video will be distributed on FilterCopy’s channels which have a collective base of over 3 million people and a weekly reach of 40 million, providing the winning writer a rare opportunity to take their passion to the next level.


IFP houses a large community of writers and creative people and Pocket Aces are the largest players in the digital entertainment space, who run the popular online channel FilterCopy – this project is sure to produce a viral hit in the upcoming months upon its completion around March 2018.


All writers – experienced or first-timers are encouraged to register and send in their scripts for the “Web Writers’ Lab” for which entries are open until 31st December midnight. The theme chosen is comedy and innovative formats of all varieties will be welcomed. This includes parodies, spoofs, satire, musical, social commentary etc.


Visit for complete information. Registration fee for the event is 1,000 INR.

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