Furlenco unveils a new brand identity, offering unmatched flexibility for Furniture Rental and Purchase


Exemplifying the freedom and flexibility of choice it offers to customers, Furlenco, India’s leading furniture and lifestyle brand, today unveiled its new brand identity, signifying a bigger, better, and bolder persona. Along with a bolder outlook, Furlenco’s new logo highlights its brand ethos and vision. The mint blue colour denotes the brand’s fresh, vibrant and lively characteristics offering flexibility for future innovation.

As part of the new identity, Furlenco has diversified its product portfolio to cater to the ever-evolving needs and has enhanced the tech-stack to provide a seamless experience for consumers. The largest furniture rental company in the country, Furlenco 2.0, in its new avatar has expanded its services to offer customers more options to access furniture by allowing them to rent, purchase new or refurbished furniture, and even sell it back when they no longer need it. Its diverse range of options empowers consumers to customize the furniture and shape their indoor experience.

Nitesh Mohandas, Chief Business Officer of Furlenco, stated, “Always moving fast and first, Furlenco has created furniture with innovative designs and trendy aesthetics. The first to build the rental category, we are now poised to further disrupt the furniture market by providing people with a bouquet of services to rent, buy new or refurbished items and sell back. Besides expanding our product and service offerings, we are taking a nuanced approach by helping customers view furniture as core building blocks in creating their dream homes. Naturally, we are thrilled to announce our rebranding to provide customers with more services than before. Since customer empathy constitutes the cornerstone of all our endeavours, we will continue working towards making Furlenco 2.0 a truly customer-friendly platform.”

In the coming months, Furlenco will venture into many novel categories with a mission to be India’s largest furnishing solutions. With the aim of reaching a wider audience and offering furnishing solutions, the company is planning to expand its products and services.

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