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Give your ‘Queens’ a sweet surprise this Valentine’s Day

MediaInfoline February 14, 2018

Valentine’s Day is here and everyone is busy planning the ‘perfect gift’ for their partners and loved ones. While some like to spend significant amount of money on expensive gifts, whereas some like to do something ‘special’ which might not be expensive but heart touching. And, without a doubt, the latter one wins hands down!

And why only partners, we should be thoughtful about those people also who actually matter to us in our everyday life. These may be your siblings, parents, close friends, etc. The idea is to basically let your close ones feel pampered and convey your token of affection towards them. This will not only make this day a happy one for them, but also the one to be cherished for a long time.

There are quite a few startups which offers on-demand home services that helps you take a break from your mundane chores, and other handymen jobs. One such startup is Timesaverz, a one-stop destination for Home Services. The services that this company offers helps you take/gift a break from the mundane household chores for both men and women like –

For Women: Pest control, home cleaning, sofa cleaning/spa, design/renovate home, interior consultation, etc.

For Men: Car Spa, Laptop/mobile repair services, etc.

The services that Timesaverz offers can be booked as a surprise for the people you care, like your spouse, elderly parents etc. For Valentine’s Day as well, these services can be booked for showing your love and affection towards your wife, especially.


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