Godrej Appliances launches #LetsWinWithVaccination frame on FB

Godrej Appliances takes on the challenge of vaccine hesitancy, launches #LetsWinWithVaccination frame on Facebook to encourage participation in the Covid-19 vaccination drive

Godrej Appliances has launched the #LetsWinWithVaccination frame on Facebook to encourage people to participate in the ongoing COVID-19 vaccination drive. The biggest challenge for this drive is people’s hesitancy. Godrej Appliances also partnered with Padma Shree Presidential Awardee and Dr. B. C. Roy Presidential Awardee, Doctor Sanjeev Bagai for an exclusive conversation. This association was aimed at providing people with the answers to their lingering questions around the ongoing covid vaccinations.

Associate Vice President and Head Medical Refrigeration, Godrej Appliances, Mr. Jaishankar Natarajan led this virtual session with Dr. Sanjeev Bagai. Here, Mr. Jaishankar Natarajan posted apposite questions on the COVID-19 vaccine immunity, safety, hesitancy, side effects, etc. to which the Padma Shree doctor stressed the role of people in the fight against the pandemic and encouraged everyone to be a source for reliable and scientifically accurate information.

Ms. Swati Rathi, Head – Marketing, Godrej Appliances, “We have been partnering the covid-19 vaccination drive in the country through our vaccine refrigerators and medical freezers which are safeguarding the vaccines by keeping them at the precise temperatures specified for their effectiveness. While we are supporting the drive on the ground, we also understand the need for tackling vaccine hesitancy amongst the public on an urgent basis. Today being our National Vaccination Day, it seemed a good day to get started. We took a two-pronged approach, first, connecting with an expert –  Padma Shree and Dr. B.C. Roy Awardee, Doctor Sanjeev Bagai, who is deeply active in the covid vaccination drive, to address any lingering questions people may have around the vaccination and secondly, launching the #LetsWinWithVaccination social campaign, which allows the audience to easily share their support for the vaccination drive with their network. As Dr. Bagai rightly said, no one is safe till everyone is safe. With this initiative, we hope to encourage more and more people to participate without hesitation, in the ongoing vaccination to help our country emerge out of this pandemic faster.”

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