Hamdard Laboratories India is launching Hamdard Honey

Hamdard Natural Blossom Honey

One of India’s largest and most trustworthy names in the FMCG and foods sector, Hamdard Laboratories India owns a legacy of more than 100 years. The company is all set to expand its product portfolio by launching ‘Natural Blossom Honey’ and it is a testament to the efficacy and natural delight of the purest form of honey available.

Mr. Hammad Ahmed, Chief Mutawalli, Hamdard Laboratories India emphasized, “True to it’s ethos, Hamdard has always launched products in the natural and health benefits space, which stand for the highest levels of quality and purity. We are proud to launch Hamdard Honey, which symbolizes these core values”

The increasing demand for honey as an essential health supplement and food category in every household was observed by the Foods Division of Hamdard Laboratories India, along with the rising consciousness in consumers for natural and herbal products. Honey earlier used to be a niche category but with time and need it is widely consumed by the consumers in both urban and rural landscape, as a lifestyle product because of it not only being a home remedy but also a healthier substitute to processed sugars.

The health benefits provided by Hamdard’s Natural Blossom Multifloral Honey range from providing relief in cough, acting as a probiotic, acting as a natural energy booster, a natural antioxidant, enhancing immunity and many others. Staying true to the brand’s promise, “Hamdard Hai, Pure Hai”, Hamdard (Foods Division) has yet again successfully launched a product that showcases the highest standards in terms of quality and purity.

Mr. Hamid Ahmed, CEO Hamdard Laboratories India (Foods Division) said, “Hamdard Food Division’s vision is to offer the best of natural and healthy food products to consumers in India, and across the globe. The launch of our Honey is another step towards creating consumer delight, through it’s nutritional benefits and sensorial qualities.”

Hamdard’s Natural Blossom Honey is now present across all major markets in the country in PET Bottles of 3 different sizes – 50gms, 250gms and 500gms at economical prices of Rs.35, Rs.110 and Rs.199 respectively. Soon promotions across these SKUs will be seen in the market.

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