Hari Darshan announces Juhi Chawla as global brand ambassador

Hari Darshan announces Juhi Chawla as global brand ambassador

As a part of Hari Darshan‘s growth and communication strategy, the brand has announced Ms Juhi Chawla as the brand ambassador. 

Commenting on the association, Juhi Chawla said: “Authenticity, Originality and Honesty are values that the brand has been built on and are values I identify with the most! I am absolutely honoured and delighted to be associating with one of the most iconic companies- Hari Darshan.”

On having Juhi Chawla on board as ‘Global Brand Ambassador’ Goldy Nagdev, Managing Director- Hari Darshan Sevashram Private Limited commented: “An astute artist, star, beauty queen, professional, entrepreneur, mother and philanthropist… That’s Juhi Chawla for you. We are thrilled to have Ms Juhi Chawla as the Brand Ambassador for Hari Darshan. For over 50 years our brand Hari Darshan has stood for Devotion, Belief, Positivity, Wellness and Bliss. We believe Juhi represents each of these values to perfection.  With her on-board, we are confident of strengthening the company further especially when we are strongly focusing on expanding the brand.”

Chawla will be seen spearheading the new campaign focused on an all-new range of Incense Sticks from Hari Darshan. Generations have cherished the fragrance and company of Hari Darshan products in their moment of positivity, prayer and peace.

Hari Darshan takes pride in manufacturing the widest range of devotional, spiritual and meditation products like; Dhoop (Incense Paste), Agarbathi (Incense Sticks), Hawan Samagri, Chandan Tika, Kalawa, Gulab Jal, Puja Diya Oil, Camphor. Today the brand Hari Darshan is loved and admired for not just manufacturing these pure and auspicious products but also serving the devotion of millions. With the keen objective to attract new generations and adapt to new buying patterns, the company is working on the right marketing strategies with new products and channels.

Hari Darshan has received many awards and government recognition for being constantly and continuously judged as the best brand in the product category for quite some time now.

For over 50 years, Hari Darshan has been the trusted and preferred brand for millions of homes when it comes to spiritual and devotional products. No wonder it had become one of the largest manufacturers of Incense Spirituals Aromatherapy Products, Fragrances, and other related products. Everything that is needed for that moment of prayer, bliss and positivity is manufactured with pride and passion by Hari Darshan.

Hari Darshan excels in a product that has a history and cultural relevance of thousands of years and still being one of the first to be used across homes and workplaces. By understanding consumer needs, offering consistent quality, innovative concepts and the widest assortment of devotional and wellness products, Hari Darshan has earned consumer preference, affection and accolades. Over the last few decades, Hari darshan has emerged as one of the great and most preferred brands in incense products like Dhoop, Agarbathi, Puja, Spiritual & Wellness products. The company is one of those rare brands that are preferred by both centurions to millennials.

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