Havas Health & You Expands India and International Business Footprint


After experiencing significant successes in the region following the acquisition of Sorento in 2017, Havas Health & You, with the intention to propel this growth and strengthen meaningful global partnerships, has announced the elevation of Susan Josi as Managing Director of Havas Health & You- SEA & Middle East, and Sangeeta Barde as Managing Director of Havas Life Sorento, with immediate effect. Susan and Sangeeta have been at the helm of Havas Health & You’s APAC-based agency since the network’s acquisition of Sorento.

Bolstering global prowess is a long-standing mission for Havas Health & You. With hubs of opportunity arising in different regions around the world, the health and wellness category must be adaptive in its approach to seize these circumstances as they arise. Currently, Southeast Asia (SEA) and the Middle East together make up 14.6% of the world’s total population, and the 2021 projection of GDP growth in India alone is expected to rise from 2.59 trillion to 3.96 trillion by 2025. These growth trends coupled with a societal focus on health create an ideal environment for growth in SEA and Middle Eastern countries, and global health brands are prioritising accordingly.

“These new appointments are incredibly well-deserved, and I am thrilled to witness as Sangeeta and Susan further showcase their immense talents and know-how, both regionally and globally. They have certainly made Havas Life Sorento a proof point for value add in the area and will continue to lead with strategic vision,” says Charles Houdoux, Partner and CEO, LATAM APAC, HH&Y.

Susan is best known throughout the network for her proven success in driving the Havas Village model in India and for her development of the agency’s global client roster in the SEA and Middle East regions, where Havas Health & You presence continues to grow and strengthen on a daily basis.

Commenting on her new role, Susan Josi says, “The SEA and Middle East regions offer a rich scope of potential. The landscapes are changing dynamically and there is an intensified importance being placed on health and wellness. Our capabilities in these areas have grown to a point where it makes sense to have consistent regional leadership as health brands prioritise their presence in these markets.”

Sangeeta is most known for her achievements including the coordination of a platform that deeply integrates creative, media, digital, and data systems in domestic and global markets. Sangeeta will drive the success model for offshoring and achieving strategic and impactful globalisation initiatives.

On stepping into her new role, Sangeeta Barde says, “I am looking forward to leaning into the vast digitisation opportunities in our data and media centres and working to perfect new and simplified content creation models. Deep collaboration with groups and partners domestically and internationally is a necessary and exciting endeavour. I am thrilled to be taking this next step to connect the dots across groups and regions.”

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