Indus Vox Media and Mpower launch a series of podcasts on World Mental Health Day


On account of World Mental Health Day, Indus Vox Media together with Mpower launched a series of podcasts called ‘Place of Mind’ which are tales inspired by everyday experiences of people with mental concerns.

Mental health is a topic that is more often than not, shrouded in stigma and misconception. This causes the topic to be relegated to the periphery of our collective awareness. Through weekly podcasts, ‘Place of Mind’ takes listeners on a journey through the minds of people around us. By sharing lived experiences of people, ‘Place of Mind’ will illustrate how all our lives are connected, how we influence each other, and how every single-story matters. Each week, ‘Place of Mind’ will explore the journey of someone coping with a mental health concern.

The ‘Place of Mind’ podcast series is available on:

The first episode released on World Mental Health Day:

The brainchild of Mrs. Neerja Birla and Ms. Ananya Birla, Mpower endeavours to be the movement to affect change and proactively champion mental health causes, create awareness, advocate prevention and provide services with a professional, holistic and multi-disciplinary approach.

Through the ‘Place of Mind’ series, people will get a unique opportunity to listen and really understand some of the issues that individuals are battling with every single day of their lives. How many of us are actually aware of these people and their experiences? We aren’t sure if the person sitting next to us at work needs help or just needs someone to listen. The need to sensitize the public to these issues and alleviate stigma associated with them is stronger, now more than ever.

Speaking on the launch of ‘Place of Mind’, Mrs. Neerja Birla, Chairperson and Co-founder, Mpower, said, “This World Mental Health Day we want everyone to empathize with those who struggle with mental issues. Sometimes, we aren’t even aware of the issues that people around us are going through. With this podcast, we are bringing to life, lived experiences of real people to sensitize everyone about mental health issues. I urge each one of you to play an active role in championing the mental health movement.”

Speaking on the partnership with Mpower, Amit Doshi, Founder, IVM Podcasts, said, “We are very excited about partnering with Mpower on “Place of Mind”. We believe podcasts are a great way to discuss difficult issues like Mental Health. Using storytelling as the mechanism for passing on this kind of information is an innovative use of the medium and we are thrilled to work on this new concept.”

The Mpower movement strives to stamp out the stigma associated with mental health concerns. Every single day, people come to Mpower to find a safe space, to share their stories, and to find help. Along the way, Mpower hears the experiences of people managing their mental health issues. We see how these concerns impact the individual as well as the people around them, and how these ordinary men, women, and children learn to cope with mental health issues with our help.

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