ITC Engage launches an exquisitely crafted new range of Eau De Parfums

ITC Engage launches an exquisitely crafted new range of Eau De Parfums

ITC Engage, one of India’s leading fragrance brands, has launched a new range of Eau De Parfums for occasion-based usage with day and night premium perfumes for men and women. In a first, ITC Engage, brings to bear the interesting interplay of fashion and fragrance.

Exquisitely crafted, this new range of Engage Eau De Parfums comes with superior quality of fine fragrances that linger on to make an impact. Engage fragrances are safe on skin, IFRA compliant and of superior quality with better retentivity.  The brand with its portfolio of offering ensures that consumers enjoy international quality and the art of perfumery at a comfortable Indian pricing.

To highlight this interplay of fashion and fragrance, Engage, launches its premium Eau De Parfums in a high-octane film conceptualised and directed by Denzil Machado. With the backdrop of an international fashion show, the launch film weaves a fast-paced narrative of fragrances that attract and make heads turn.  The rhythmic and poetic visuals bring to the fore a budding playful romance between the show stoppers. The energy, the social camaraderie behind the scenes, the internationally set fashion show, the evening mood and the glamourous showcase highlights the distinct scents and the undeniable aspect of an attractive fragrance taking precedence over all others. Quick camera flashes, stealing alone time and moments amidst the camera, people and flashlights, make for a glamourous showcase of fashion and fragrance.  The upbeat background score adds to the intrigue and the irresistible attraction that unfolds behind the scene.

Watch the TVC here – Watch Here

Commenting on the launch, Mr. Sameer Satpathy, Chief Executive, Personal Care Products Business, ITC, said“I believe, fragrance defines an identity and helps make a distinct statement. ITC Engage has been a trendsetter in experimenting and layering with unique fragrances and formats. The endeavour to present a global best continues and this new range of Engage Eau De Parfums is a testament to the exquisite craftsmanship of creating the finest fragrances. Fragrance is intrinsic to fashion and with this new series, Engage, presents a visual and sensorial narrative that addresses the intricacies of attraction and attention.”

The range consists of Engage Indigo Skies for men, a bright and energizing day fragrance enveloping the grand fusion of aromatic lavender and rich earthy woody notes. The sparkling diffusion of bergamot and spices makes it a crisp, fresh, and uplifting addition to the morning routine. The fruity and ambary notes of Engage Amber Hues for men make it a provocative, warm, and oriental fragrance for the night.

Engage Verona for Women is a classic day fragrance with a concoction of citrusy, fruity, and floral notes. The addictive musk and nutmeg notes infused with sandalwood make it playful and fresh. The brand also offers a memorable night fragrance for women. Engage Fantasia, that has been inspired by the dynamic characteristics of women.  The citrusy, floral, and spicy notes mixed with tonka beans and vanilla are perfect for those special date nights when you want to look and feel astounding.

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