ITC Savlon appoints Tara Sutaria as brand ambassador for Savlon Glycerin Soap

ITC Savlon onboards Tara Sutaria as brand ambassador for Savlon Glycerin Soap

The pandemic has brought into focus the need for personal hygiene for all. Fighting the pandemic from the front line, ITC Savlon has led with innovation and a consumer-centric focus to deliver superior hygiene solutions to address evolving consumer needs. The brand has roped in youth icon, actor Tara Sutaria as the brand ambassador for Savlon Glycerine Soap, a unique offering from ITC Savlon that addresses the dual need for soft skin along with germ protection.

The soaps segment in the health space has witnessed an influx of new consumers over the past two years who were looking for efficacious germ protection. This has led to a significant increase in consumption of health soaps and at the same time, has brought about a change in consumer expectations. Consumers today aren’t satisfied with just germ protection, but also expect their soap to provide effective care for their skin.

Infused with glycerine, in addition to 99.9% Germ protection* efficacy, the Savlon Glycerine soap has been designed to offer effective defense against harmful germs while leaving the skin feeling soft.

A new film has been launched featuring brand ambassador Tara Sutaria which depicts a humorous competition between the actor and her dog on who is the real ‘Softy’.  The TVC represents a slice of life narrative of a relaxed day for Tara Sutaria, which brings alive the intangible nuance of touch as one of the senses. The film draws a parallel using creative visuals to depict the softness of the skin in everyday life. The soap is positioned as an all-round solution for hygiene, skin care, and protection, that comes with the trusted equity of ITC Savlon. Glycerine, the hero ingredient of the product, is known to be a skin conditioner and has inherent skin moisturizing properties.

The film with its creative narration and visuals communicates product characteristics from a functional and lifestyle perspective, in a spirited manner.

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Speaking on the new film, Sameer Satpathy, Chief Executive, Personal Care Products Business Division, ITC Limited said, “Savlon has been the front runner in addressing evolving consumer needs through innovation. The health soap category has seen robust growth over the past two years. While hygiene has become a way of life for all, with consumer needs evolving, personal hygiene has progressed from providing protection only to ensuring value-added skin care benefits as well. Tara’s partnership with the brand brings with her a vibrant & fresh feel to the category that the Savlon soap encompasses.”

Expressing her thoughts, actress Tara Sutaria comments on the launch, “I feel privileged to be associated with Savlon, a brand that is consumer focused and solution oriented with its innovative product offerings. I am a great proponent of using a trusted name for protection against germs for the safety of my family and myself. Like many of us, I have also struggled to choose between effective protection and skincare. It came as a pleasant surprise, with Savlon Glycerin soap, which makes my skin feel soft with a germ protection trust of over 50 yrs. The Savlon soap has become my go-to.”

The soap is available across retail outlets & e-commerce platforms.

Kainaz Karmakar & Harshad Rajadhyaksha, Chief Creative Officers, Ogilvy India, commented on the film, “the concept of ‘Softy’ is a light, endearing way to establish the beauty credentials of this soap. The film is a product demo but told as a story. It makes a sharp point about what the soap can do for your skin and this will not be missed. The interaction between Tara and the dog is what will make the film memorable and we believe the audience will enjoy watching it again and again.”

Since the outbreak of the pandemic, ITC Savlon has worked extensively to build a robust portfolio that addresses the need gaps of hygiene, disinfection, and sanitization in the market. This is evident in the launch of product launches including Savlon Hexa Hand Sanitizer for Quick and Persistent Action and Savlon Hexa Advanced Soap and Bodywash with Hexa pro power are scientifically designed with experts to provide anti-viral and anti-bacterial protection. The personal hygiene portfolio is in addition to the brand’s robust portfolio of Surface  Disinfectant Sprays, Germ Protection Wipes, Masks, and Antiseptic Liquid categories.

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