Jacqueline Fernandez unveils eye-care solutions from Nova Eyewear in the latest TVC

Nova Lens & Frames campaign promoted by Jacqueline

Nova Eyewear has launched a TVC featuring the talented and gorgeous Bollywood diva, Jacqueline Fernandez. She is associated with Nova Eyewear, a brand which has presence across 25 countries, as its global brand ambassador. The TVC subtly shows how the wide category of eye-care products from Nova Eyewear, spanning advanced digital lenses to fashionable frames and sunglasses, play an important role in the life of today’s active individuals to complement their personal style and fulfil their eye-care needs of clear vision. The TVC also portrays how Nova Eyewear protects the eyes from harmful UV rays and filters the junk light throughout the day.

The latest TVC beautifully tells us a story, which starts with how Jacqueline gets ready in stylish Nova glasses to match her office attire. The campaign also captures how the photochromic lenses turns dark and adapt to light condition when she steps out in the daylight, protecting her from harmful UV rays and excess glare.  The story seamlessly moves forward to show how she uses Nova lenses with HD Clarity inside her office to remain focused with sharp precision. Even while playing the dart game with her colleagues she successfully aims the bull’s eye because of visual clarity offered by the lenses. The collection further accentuates Jacqueline’s look where she is riding a horse wearing UV protected Nova sunglasses which come with Dust & Scratch Resistant coating followed by a scene at the beach where she is seen basking in the Sun wearing Nova polarised sunglasses with anti-glare properties which block the blinding light under the Sun. In addition to the sunglasses, it highlights blue-light filter lenses from Nova worn by Jacqueline while she is watching movies / videos on her personal electronic device, which allows her to enjoy strain-free vision by blocking harmful blue-light emitted by the digital screens. The Nova glasses in fashionable frames are not only suitable to wear on a daily basis but also for red carpet occasions which Jacqueline wears with élan. And also while at wheels, she enjoys a clear and comfortable view of the road ahead in a pair of Nova Sunglasses.

Jacqueline Fernandez is the epitome of ‘Vision Meets Fashion’ and the TVC shows how Nova Eyewear is for every occasion, be it office or outdoors; beach or party. The brand aims to position itself as one of the leading eyewear brands which provides complete eye-care solutions for various visual requirements such as for leading an active lifestyle, sports, driving, prevention of eye-fatigue and UV protection while also meeting one’s style preference. The core idea of this concept is to position Nova Eyewear as a one-stop solution for all visual needs, offering an array of world-class vision solution technologies for lenses combined with the latest in fashionable frames and sunglasses to the consumers.

Speaking on this occasion, Pammi Jamalpuria, VP- Corporate Marketing, Vision Rx Lab says, “We take great pride in introducing Nova Eyewear’s latest TVC featuring our first ever global brand ambassador Jacqueline Fernandez. A famous face synonymous with international fashion, well known for her great sense of fashion and dynamic lifestyle, Jacqueline perfectly represents Nova’s complete range of eye-care solutions (lens, frames& powered sunglasses) which come with sheer sophistication and style and effectively address the day to day need for clear vision and protection required for leading an active lifestyle. We are sure that Jacqueline’s association with Nova will not only help to elevate the regular style codes of the generation but also make them aware about the advanced vision solutions that are available to them under a single brand.”

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