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Johnson Controls showcases latest products to help buildings become more efficient at ACREX 2018

MediaInfoline February 23, 2018

Johnson Controls, the market leader in Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning & Refrigeration (HVAC&R), Controls, Fire and Security, showcased several innovative technologies at ACREX 2018, February 22 to 24 in Bengaluru. The company’s integrated and cutting-edge products on display included Metasys 9.0, BCPro, YORK® YGWH, YORK® YVWH and YORK® YZ. The new products allowed customers to see the company’s vision of providing solutions to make buildings smarter.

“Our new products will significantly advance energy efficiency and help our customers win every day, everywhere,” said Shrikant Bapat, country general manager and managing director of Johnson Controls India. Adding further he said, “With the Indian government’s push for Smart Cities, we are uniquely positioned to provide complete solutions for vertical markets including airports, healthcare, datacenters and smart city solutions such as intelligent urban traffic, command and control and video surveillance.”

On display at the Johnson Controls booth were integrated solution capabilities and breadth of offerings across HVAC&R, Controls, Fire & Security, Services, and Air Distribution. Advanced platforms for vertical markets included Meridian and SCATS based intelligent transport system and Proximex based command & control.

The new solutions that were showcased at ACREX 2018 included:

  • Metasys® is the world’s smartest building automation system (BAS) and the foundation of modern building efficiency. Its advanced technology provides essential instrumentation and control, which saves energy, lowers operational costs and enables productive and secure environments. It provides information to make better building management decisions and save organizations money. The new building network navigation tree within the Metasys 9 user interface provides operators a way to monitor and manage the building’s system network and requires no spaces and equipment configuration. The enhancements in the new Metasys 9 user interface allow system designers to customize dashboards, create custom symbols, and apply custom behaviors to meet specific or unique user interface needs. Within the same user interface, advanced search and new reporting features enables operators to quickly find and document operational data and restore order. Designed specifically keeping a BAS operator in mind, Metasys 9 is the most user friendly BAS software delivering energy efficiency with ease. The Metasys 9 BAS also works with the Metasys Enterprise Management system to collect critical data and turn it into powerful information for use to make decisions about energy and operational strategies.
  • The BCPro™ building automation system is a consistently dependable solution with simple but powerful tools which can be easily set-up. The BACnet® Router and MODBUS Gateway enable control of a wide variety of HVAC equipment, meters, fire alarm panels and lighting and integration with third-party MODBUS equipment. The BCPro™ Engineering Tool is a comprehensive set of templates of the most common HVAC, plumbing, and lighting systems which helps organize data into proven graphic displays, summaries and reports. The BCPro™ graphical user interface makes it easy to monitor facility operations and make both temporary and long term changes quickly. The central workstation is accessed either locally on the building network or remotely via Internet connection. BCPro™ software has capabilities to handle up to 10,000 objects.
  • YORK® YZ Chiller is a revolutionary advancement that challenges everything about conventional chiller design. Built upon decades of industry-leading chiller expertise with a holistic approach to system design and engineering, the YZ optimizes every component around a carefully selected next generation refrigerant to deliver an ultimate performance.  The YZ magnetic bearing centrifugal chiller utilizes reliable, robust, and low-maintenance induction motors. The YZ, with VSD standard, as well as variable geometry diffuser and magnetic bearing technology, delivers up to 35 percent annual energy savings versus traditional fixed-speed oil bearing chillers. Building upon decades of experience, the YZ has been fully optimized around R-1233zd, which has a GWP of 1. OptiView Control Panel with Connected Services offers over 100 set points, readouts, alerts, trending reports and more. Data can also be securely connected to analytics platform for remote monitoring and predictive diagnostics. The YZ chiller can deliver significant energy savings and lower operating costs by taking advantage of the off-design conditions where chillers operate 99 percent of the time. The YZ operates with entering condenser water temperature as low as 40°F (4.5°C), providing enhanced performance in every operating condition and the widest operating envelope in the industry. The YORK® YZ uses an optimized single stage design to provide industry-leading real-world energy efficiency. The chiller can also operate with condenser temperatures below the evaporator temperatures, eliminating the need for a water-side economizer, which simplifies the system, requires less mechanical room space and saves money on components, piping, controls and maintenance. The YZ is available from 165 tons through 1000 tons.
  • YORK® YG/VWH is an ultra-high-efficiency and environmentally-friendly water cooled screw chiller, with the variable speed drive (VSD) technology as option, and an astonishing industry-leading low sound through patented technology in compressor dampening structure design. Advanced Computational Fluid Dynamics simulation and state-of-the-art precision machining ensure the chiller’s heart – the “compressor” operate efficiently. The innovative design in the rotor profile enhances reliable operation. Patented technology in hybrid falling-film evaporator design delivers higher chiller efficiency. It has full load COP 6.68 or IPLV as high as 10.77 which exceeds all industry standards. Delivery of lower refrigerant charge, lower power consumption and premium chiller efficiency brings green building effectiveness to a remarkable level. These chillers are available from 116 tons through 450 tons.
  • SCATS combined with Meridian delivers a fully integrated Intelligent Transportation System (ITS). Johnson Controls ITS is the merger of two highly successful systems SCATS (Sydney Coordinated Adaptive Traffic System) and Meridian Intelligent Transportation software platform. SCATS addresses the adaptive traffic control portion and Meridian provides all the other functionality. The SCATS/Meridian integration enhances SCATS operation and addresses the needs of most end-users for ITS enhancement functions. Some key functions include GIS map-based GUI with anchoring icons, user definable views, and high level operator intervention with GIS map-based activation of SCATS access, variable message signs, CCTV control & monitoring. Other capabilities include route guidance, car park and traveler information. Customized applications include highway management, tunnel management, complete ITS sub-systems integration, monitoring and control, incident management, planned response and preview, alarm management and maintenance management.
  • Proximex Surveillint™ is the award winning premier Physical Security Information Management (PSIM) solution that provides all the benefits of a complete PSIM platform. From the beginning, Surveillint™ was designed as a solution beneficial for both one-site environments as well as global enterprises – deployable across hundreds of locations and able to meet the sophisticated analytics and reporting required for business critical decision-making, risk mitigation and regulatory compliance. Surveillint™ allows users to easily manage and correlate the flood of data produced by numerous point products and systems within an organization’s security ecosystem including critical systems such as video, access control, intrusion, fire and other systems into one common interface. Unique to Surveillint™ is a sophisticated workflow engine that allows security personnel to concentrate on execution of planned responses instead of wasting time trying to assess and reassess the unfolding situation. It enables optimal response to real-time risks, reducing vulnerability. Being an Open Platform, Surveillint™ enables easy integration with diverse security systems using standards-based protocols such as XML, ODBC, web services etc.

ACREX 2018 is the first time Johnson Controls showcased all its brands including Tyco and Johnson Controls Hitachi, post the successful merger with Tyco. Johnson Controls Hitachi displayed world class variable refrigerant flow (VRF) technology as well as leading inverter technology-based room air conditioners.


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