K Raheja Corp launches video to pay tribute to the ‘Little Big People’

Little Big People are house help, watchman, delivery guy, janitor, etc.

We have thanked the front-line workers and the medics for not stepping back during these toughest times. But we have never thought of the Little Big People of our society, who have their natural avatars while at work. These people are milkmen, house helps, security guards, municipal cleaners, delivery guys, drivers, watchmen, vegetable vendors, and many more. Have we ever wondered what would happen if they didn’t show up?

In order to pay a tribute to these ‘heroes’ for their Little Big efforts, despite all the odds, K Raheja Corp has launched a heartwarming video. The video recognizes and thanks these very essential people for all that they do.

The video beautifully features the essential warriors including domestic workers to public serviced drivers, media crews, municipal cleaners, security guards, doctors, policemen, etc. for performing their tasks with commitment, day after day, amidst the pandemic with a smile. The song is written and composed exclusively to salute these real heroes at work. The video is intended to extend a message of hope, appreciation, gratitude, and encouragement towards these essential superheroes, the Little Big people.

Urvi Aradhya, CHRO said, “The catastrophic surge of Covid-19 cases across the country has directly or indirectly impacted each one of us. Through this tribute, conceptualized by our Communications team, we wanted to thank not just our frontline warriors, but the many essential support warriors who may not come draped in PPE kits, yet show up to work each day, and write a new chapter of humanity.”

This is one of the many other company-wide solidarity initiatives undertaken by the K Raheja Corp group. From extending support for Covid-19 relief by supplying oxygen concentrators, to aiding multiple local authorities, municipal corporations, and non-profit organizations, in procuring essential medical supplies, involvement has been consistent. The group has also recently set up a centralized 24×7 Covid War Room backed by a team of employees committed to assisting people in need. Additionally, they are also encouraging their employees to Time Off for Volunteering to peruse community service.

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