KONE India launches New Elevators for Midrange Segment

KONE India New Elevators

KONE India, a leading Elevator and Escalator company in the country, today introduced its New Elevator offering – KONE U MonoSpace and KONE U MiniSpace for the mid-range segment and also launched its New Customer Experience Centre @ITEC in Chennai. The New Customer Experience Centre will showcase the latest Technology and Development of KONE Solutions for People Movement. KONE has set a bench mark in the industry through its Eco-efficient Performance, Premium Ride comfort and Award-winning Designs.

Speaking on the occasion, Mr. Henrik Ehrnrooth, President and CEO, KONE Corporation, says “This new range of elevators will help us further strengthen our competitiveness in the new equipment market, in what is presently the second largest in the world, after China.”

“Our New Products have 26 cars with visuals inspired by Navaratna, the nine gems. The Navaratna visual car designs are so striking and unique that they will certainly help us differentiate in the market place and enhance the customer experience. Moreover, since the demand for better aesthetics is gaining importance, this New Design Collection is set to create a lasting impression & unforgettable user experience”, says Mr. Amit Gossain, Managing Director, KONE India.

Speaking on the occasion, Mr. Axel Berkling, Executive Vice President, Asia Pacific, KONE Corporation said “The New Customer Experience Centre will showcase the latest technology that will help us engage & connect better with our Customers. The Construction and Real Estate Customers are demanding when it comes to Energy-efficiency and Green Building Certification Schemes like LEED and BREEAM. With our New Solutions, the Carbon footprint of buildings can be cut to an even greater extent.”

KONE is a Pioneer in Eco-efficiency within its Industry. The New KONE U MonoSpace Elevators are up to 35 percent more Energy Efficient than its earlier Elevators. The improvements were only possible by Renewed KONE EcoDisc® hoisting Machine, a highly Efficient Drive, and our Enhanced Standby Solutions. The Renewed KONE EcoDisc hoisting machine is complemented by a wide range of upgrades that are designed to deliver Industry-leading Ride Comfort: a New Motor Control System, a renewed Braking System, a Redesigned Hoisting System, and an improved Car Structure.

This means that the noise levels, both inside and outside the Elevator cars, are as low as possible, the ride is smooth with no vibration, and that the floor leveling is perfectly accurate. Ride comfort is an important part of user experience, and our vision is to deliver the best user experience.

One significant improvement is also a Comprehensive Test for Ride comfort, now conducted on every KONE Elevator before handover – this is a unique service in the Elevator Industry.

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