Kurlon unveils fresh identity with the new logo and brand campaign ‘Life banegi Hula Hula’


Kurlon, India’s iconic mattress brand, is now 60 years young and has a new and refreshed positioning. Today, Kurlon has revealed its new logo and the tagline “Life Banegi Hula Hula.” This rebranding marks a significant evolution for the brand, positioning it to resonate with contemporary consumers and signalling freshness in the current market.

Kurlon understands that life happens on a mattress beyond just sleep. Recognizing that Indians spend countless active hours on their mattresses—reading, talking, eating, and enjoying life’s active moments. This insight drives the new positioning of Comfort Meets Joy in every life moment. This is reflected in the line “Life Banegi Hula Hula” around which the new campaign is built.

Sharing below the live YT link for the films. 

Girl: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FwNpDTPMIl0

Man: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pofyp28yVP0

The multimedia campaign launched earlier this month and is set to gain momentum during the ICC T20 Cricket World Cup. There are 2 films being launched that bring alive the thought through creative articulations of how a happy back leads to a happy life moments! The campaign will carry on for 5 weeks across TV, Digital & BTL touch points including a total revamp of Kurlon’s retail presence.

The new Kurlon logo is a minimal and modern design, retaining the core red and white colours that symbolize trust and heritage. The addition of a dawn-to-dusk gradient is not just a visual element but a symbol of the brand’s commitment to providing comfort from morning to night. The packaging across all variants has been updated to reflect this modern aesthetic, ensuring that the products stand out on shelves and resonate with consumers.

“Innovation and comfort have always been at the core of Kurlon. Kurlon’s new proposition and identity reflects our continuous evolution to meet the dynamic needs of our consumers. This rebranding milestone is not just a visual transformation, but a fresh take on the category itself, where everyone is talking about sleep,  Kurlon is going beyond it;. With ‘Life Banegi Hula Hula’, we wish to bring joy and comfort into every home. Kurlon pioneered the modern mattress category in India and is now poised to achieve even greater heights  said Nilesh Mazumdar, CEO SheelaFoam Ltd.

“Kurlon’s new identity and the ‘Life Banegi Hula Hula’ campaign represent a bold step forward in rebranding the iconic brand Kurlon. We understand that the mattresses are more than just a place to sleep—they are where life unfolds, where countless memories are made. This rebranding is not just about a fresh look; it’s about celebrating the joy and comfort that Kurlon brings to every household. With this campaign, we aim to connect deeply with our consumers, ensuring that every moment spent on a Kurlon mattress is a joyful experience; defining comfort for modern India.” said, Piyush Pandey, Chief Advisor, Ogilvy India

With over 30 years of rich professional experience, Mr. Vivek Sharma, the founder of Altivyst Advisors, has been engaged as the marketing consultant for Sheela Foam where he is helping shape the marketing strategy and organization for Kurlon.


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