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L’Oreal Professionnel introduces the first every Bespoke Masque SERIE EXPERT POWERMIX

MediaInfoline October 30, 2017


As we advance towards the digital era, the world is witnessing a sudden rise in the standard of living. As a result, consumers are becoming more discerning and progressively individualistic. From food, to fashion, to cosmetics, “BESPOKE” is everywhere.

With the relaunch of Série Expert, L’Oréal Professionnel aims to extend the benefits of customization to the hair care industry as well. Every hair is different – depending on origin, gender, type, or need – and in order to reveal its perfect and unique beauty, it needs to be in optimal health.

With this is mind, Série Expert has created the all new Série Expert Powermix – the first ever personalized professional masques, highly concentrated in active ingredients for an instant restoration of hair health. Your L’Oréal Professionnel hairdresser will provide a personalized hair consultation to determine your primary and secondary concerns. After the consultation, your hairdresser will proceed to Powermix treatment.

The result: Instant personalised transformation of the hair, day after day.


The mix is created using a base and one of the FOUR Série Expert Powermix additives, depending on your hair needs, having dosed the required amount of formulae to the nearest milliliter. Two liquids transform into an unctuous personalised masque – a spectacular metamorphosis, a visible translation of the personalised in-salon protocol. The masque is freshly prepared ensures that the highly concentrated professional ingredients are at their maximum efficacy. The science behind the Powermix is the Micellar Technology that allows a new combination that has never been achieved before! Rich conditioning agents for deep treatment combined with a water base that brings lightness and shine.


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