Loupe unveils new designs from basics to bling pieces


It is popularly said, a woman makes an outfit her own with her accessories, and Loupe, an exclusive luxury brand catering to the connoisseurs of edgy, exquisite jewelry swears by it.

With an aim to bring out a woman’s real personality and to suit every taste, Loupe has recently launched four eclectic collections to accentuate her inner beauty. Titled Tree of Life, Glitz, Ellipse and Noir, each collection is made up of immaculately designed pieces that are vibrant, style savvy and a perfect investment to create that ‘extra something’ look to an outfit.

Inspired by different facets of lifestyle, the designs come in a vast range from casual, elegant and subtle, to statement and geometric pieces. What sets each collection apart are the textures and design aesthetics, but at the same time each range exudes Loupe’s energy of beautifully translated designs from a sketch to a well-researched charmingly handcrafted piece of art.

The collections include neck pieces, bracelets, rings, earrings and pendants that are bound to give the jewelry lovers’ a touch of sophistication with a bling.

The collection, Tree of Life, is an artistic expression finding its inspiration from the realms of nature, and has pieces that are suitable for every mood, moment and facet of life; while the Glitz collection, as the name suggests, is a dazzling collection, that reveals an attempt to revive the lost innocence of the spirit of fashion with a playful spirit and youthful optimism.

Ellipse, on the other hand, is a collection that takes its inspiration from the natural geometry, and is meant to emanate the exuberance and elegance that is bound to enamor a woman. While the geometric cuts give definition, each piece highlights the sharp side of a woman. Finally, the Noir collection, is the one that has been inspired by dark hues and the collection is made up of beautiful black elements merged with metallic accents.

Talking about the collections, Pallavi SoniMD, Loupe, expressed, “Loupe as a brand believes in completing your look and adding a spark to your personality. We have the right piece for every occasion. Stepping out of the usual traditional jewelry we offer a wide variety to select from. Every collection is detailed and every piece has a unique element that makes it stand apart. Our craftsmanship and bond is visible in our work.”

With every jewelry piece speaking aloud its style, inspiration and aesthetics, the new collections of Loupe are all set to give life to a new dawn of shine and sheen, celebrating the elegance of a contemporary diva.

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