Luke Coutinho spreads sleep awareness for Duroflex

Luke Coutinho is a globally renowned Holistic Lifestyle Coach

India’s leading sleep solution provider, Duroflex has hosted a digital live session with Luke Coutinho, the globally renowned Holistic Lifestyle Coach. The Co-Host of the session by the sleep Evangelist and MD, Duroflex, Mathew Chandy. Both of them shared their expertise on sleeping for immunity and managing Covid-19 anxiety.

The live session helped the audiences understand the importance of sleep and how sleep plays a significant role in our body’s immune system. Good sleep brings positive changes in our lives. Luke highlighted how erratic sleep schedules can lead to various health issues. The experts also raised some medical research findings that explained various scientific research done on viruses similar to COVID-19. These researches prove that getting good sleep can boost the body’s antibody response, giving better protection from vaccines.

Commenting in the session, Mathew Chandy, Sleep Evangelist and MD, Duroflex said, “Sleep is the foundation of good health and a free but necessary supplement to a good diet and exercise regime. As people queue up for the vaccine in the upcoming months, I want them to know that prioritizing 7-8 hours of quality sleep is likely to significantly boost the effectiveness of vaccinations. It is about time we inculcate the habit that boosts not just vaccine efficacy but overall health and immunity with Good Sleep.”

Holistic Lifestyle Coach, Luke Coutinho said, “It was a pleasure spreading the message on the importance of good sleep, and how it can also help increase the efficacy of the vaccine which is a primary concern in times of the pandemic. I often tell people that one has 16 hours in a day and not 24 hours as 8 hours are to be kept aside for quality and deep sleep.”

During the course of the session, Luke also shared valuable insights and a few tips on sleep hygiene that can be imbibed by every individual easily.

  • Do not compromise on sleep for various activities like late-night entertainment. Instead, consider sleep to be our superfood that should be organized and planned like other activities of the day.
  • If you give your body 7-8 hours of quality and deep sleep, you will surely boost your immunity by 4x compared to the sleep-deprived individuals.
  • A positive side-effect of sleep is bringing your hormonal balance back.
  • As scary as the virus is, it is giving us a message to change and adapt to a new lifestyle; sleep better, play more, love, pay careful attention to your nutrition, etc.

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