Mad Influence Launches YouTube Shorts Program for In-House Creators


India’s fastest-growing influencer marketing platform Mad Influence has launched a dedicated program to help in-house YouTube creators to make great quality content using the YouTube Shorts feature. This program aims to guide and educate YouTube content creators and provide them with all the right resources to make quality YouTube content using the YouTube shorts feature.

Mad Influence already has fan-favourite influencers such as ChinkiMinki, Anmol Bhatia, the Sharma Sisters, and Aliya Hamidi as a part of their YouTube Shorts program. And, creators like Armaan Malik, Suraj Pal Singh, Shivani Kapila, and Vinod Yaduwanshi have reached 1 million subscribers after joining YouTube Shorts.

The team at Mad Influence is all set to help each one of their in-house content creators to create Shorts that garner views in billions. How is it doing that? Well, Mad Influence is working tirelessly towards drastically increasing viewership numbers and the subscriber count for each of their creators. Thorough and timely checks on their profiles to maintain their consistency on the platform, they guide creators in every step of the way from suggesting content types, to supporting content creation via shoots, providing studio & editing equipment and expertise, and most importantly, punctual motivation. Mad Influence has established its own Creative Mad Studio in Mumbai and Delhi which truly drives the billions of views each of the associated influencers gain.

Mad Influence perceives the future of this 15 second video format as a great tool for brands as well. In a content format that is short and to the point, creators can integrate products in the most organic manner, sustain attention, as well as help their brand get even more attention in a much smaller span of time.

Speaking on the YouTube Shorts Program, Mr. Gautam Madhavan, C.E.O. of Mad Influence said, “Our primary focus with the YouTube Shorts Program is to equip all our in-house creators with the right resources, both in terms of having the correct know-how as well as the right equipment, to maximize their reach via the YouTube Shorts feature. We are really focusing on building e-commerce through short videos, i.e., making it a viable option for brands who are already moving to short video content, while at the same time, attracting others who might not have been previously inclined to do so. Since YouTube is such a giant platform, the scope of a brand’s reach grows many fold, and hopefully, so does our success in meeting our goals driven towards building e-commerce through this specific short video format.”

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