India’s no.1 vodka brand, Magic Moments Vodka sells 6.3 million cases in FY2024

India's no.1 vodka brand, Magic Moments Vodka sells 6.3 million cases in FY2024

Radico Khaitan Limited, one of the largest IMFL companies in India is thrilled to share a major achievement by its flagship brand, Magic Moments Vodka. In the fiscal year 2024, the brand soared past expectations, selling over 6 million cases, amounting to sales worth Rs 1000 crores. This marks a remarkable growth for Magic Moments Vodka compared to the previous fiscal year’s sales of 5.2 million cases.

Since its introduction into the premium category by Radico Khaitan in 2006, Magic Moments Vodka has emerged as a favourite in the market, solidifying its position as India’s leading vodka brand and the 7th largest globally till last year, and is likely to grow up further in the ranking ladder this year once the rankings are declared. With the current market share of 60% nationwide, the brand has experienced a notable 21% volume growth compared to the previous year, showcasing its strong appeal and consumer preference. Magic Moments Vodka’s success is underscored by its ability to captivate consumers with its smooth and refined flavour profile, innovation, and marketing initiatives leading to unprecedented sales figures.

Adding to its spirit lineup, Magic Moments made waves with its recent launch of Pink Vodka, and the Holi Hai Edition towards the end of the financial year and the response from consumers has been exceptional, showcasing the brand’s deep understanding of the market and contributing significantly to its overall sales. Magic Moments Vodka presents an extensive array of products spanning across the Semi-Premium and Premium Vodka categories, including Magic Moments Remix, Verve, and Dazzle. Furthermore, the brand features a selection of ready-to-drink vodka-based cocktails. With this diverse range, Magic Moments Vodka skillfully meets the varied palette preferences of its consumers.

Additionally, positive word-of-mouth referrals have enhanced the brand’s excellent reputation and broad recognition. As newcomers to the liquor scene often rely on recommendations, Magic Moments Vodka’s established name and quality have made it a go-to choice for those trying liquor for the first time, contributing significantly to its continued success in the vodka market.

Mr. Abhishek Khaitan, Radico Khaitan’s Managing Director, shared his excitement, emphasising, “This milestone reflects Radico Khaitan’s steadfast commitment to delivering excellence to our consumers, and the tireless dedication of the Magic Moments team. It’s not just a celebration for our brand or the Company, it is a tribute to the incredible support and loyalty of our consumers. Their trust and support have transformed Magic Moments Vodka into a household name in India’s liquor industry, creating magic moments for consumers nationwide.”

“Over the years, Magic Moments Vodka has consistently demonstrated its dedication as the nation’s premium vodka brand by continuously innovating with new products, strategic and relevant marketing initiatives, fostering a shared love for music, thereby offering enticing consumer experiences.” he added.

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