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Mankind Pharma launches Safekind toilet seat disinfectant spray

Madhushree Chakrabarty April 26, 2021

The leading pharmaceutical company in India, Mankind Pharma has launched Safekind toilet seat disinfectant spray, for a safer India under the brand Safekind. Safekind was launched last year with 2 heavy-loaded guns – N95 Masks and Hand Sanitizers.

The Safekind toilet seat disinfectant spray is especially for women that provides a solution for easy usage of unhygienic toilets, importantly while using public toilets.

The product launch is aimed at providing women prevention against Urinary tract infections (UTIs) that is becoming a very common concern for women. The infection has a substantial amount of exposure while using public washrooms that are generally unhygienic and unclean.

The product contains BKC (Benzalkonium chloride) and IPA (isopropyl alcohol – 10% w/w), which kills 99.9% of germs and helps to provide a fresh, clean & germ-free toilet experience.

Talking about the new product launch, Joy Chatterjee, General Manager, Sales and Marketing, Mankind Pharma said, “We are delighted to come up with a new product under Safekind as the world is battling with health emergencies and need to sanitize and ensure cleanliness in all places. Seeing the spike in hygiene and urine infection problems faced by women, we took the initiative to serve the nation by protecting our community”.

Safekind toilet seat disinfectant spray comes in various refreshing smells in a handy packaging of 75 ml at an MRP of INR 200 which is easy to carry while traveling.

Mankind Pharma is a New Delhi-based Indian pharmaceutical company. The company offers a wide range of therapeutic antibiotics, dermal, gastrointestinal,  erectile dysfunction, dermal, and cardiovascular medications. They cover industrial sectors in medical research, laboratories, and pharmaceutical domain. Formed in 1991, Mankind Pharma started working as a complete pharma company in 1995 with two brothers – RC Juneja and Rajeev Juneja. The seed capital to establish the company was INR 50 Lacs. Initially, the company started ita operations in two Indian states with just 20 employees.


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