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Mathrubhumi News Brings Youth & Women Issues To the Forefront With New Programs

MediaInfoline December 3, 2020

News has become all the more exciting with some brand new innovative programs launched by Mathrubhumi News. The new programs is a good mix of prime time debates and various issue related programs like women issues, youth issues etc. which is bound to keep the audience glued to their television set 

5 New Shows Targeting Women & Youths

In keeping with the commitment to bringing credible news and views to its audience, Mathrubhumi News has announced an array of new programs targeted at different segments of consumers.  

  1. One of the channel’s biggest shows,  Super Prime Time, the prime time debate takes a different shape with the program becoming a tight one hour presentation, Monday- Friday, 7.30 pm – 8.30 pm. 
  2. In the afternoon slot there are  2 programs
  •  She Matters  ( Monday – Friday, 2.30 pm -3.30 pm) an one of its kind initiative,  which looks at various issues/developments from women’s perspective
  • Spark @ 3 ( Monday- Saturday, 3 pm – 4 pm)  considers all the main headlines from the day and then takes a deep dive into one of the topics which warrants the attention. 
  1. Mathrubhumi Explainer (Monday- Friday, 7.20 to 7.30 pm) is a 10 minute innovative bite sized program with comprehensive, impactful and data rich explainers on interesting, relevant and trending topics.
  2.  Njangalkkum Parayaanudu ( Monday – Saturday, 8.30 pm – 9 Pm) is a crisp, 30 minutes prime time conversation which throws light on the views of the youth on different topics 
  3.  Mathrubhumi World Wide (every Saturday, 8.30pm – 9 pm) is a unique weekly summary of  developments from across the world on different topics.

Making An Impact With Meaningful Programs

Speaking on the developments, M V Shreyams Kumar, Managing Director, Mathrubhumi Group said “It is a significant achievement for Matbrubhumi News, launching 5 shows in a single day. It is also heartening that our viewers are embracing these and advertisers are also recognising these as impactful for association since these not only engage specific audiences like women and youth at scale, but a wide segment too, collectively.  We are also witnessing content from some of the shows like She Matters and Explainer going Viral”.

Elaborating on the new program, B Unnikrishnan Nair, Chief of News, Mathrubhumi News said “ It had been a momentous day for mathrubhumi news which witnessed the launch of 5 new programs in the channel. It is a significant achievement that a news Channel launches 5 different programs catering various audiences in a single day and it is indeed much more heartening to note that all the programs have been embraced by the viewers”.


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